Produced by ABC Documentaries

Executive Producer: Ivo Burum
Producer: Andrea Ulbrick
Directors: Alan Hall, Carolyn Davies, Kerry Brewster, Lesley Scarff

Aired: June 12, 2005... (ABC)

Outback House combines the trials and tribulations of Frontier House with the grandeur and class tension of Edwardian Country House, to bring to life the experiences of nineteenth century Squatters in outback Australia. A group of 21st century volunteers will travel back in time and live life exactly as a squatter, his family, servants and station workers would have done circa 1860. (8 x 60 mins)
Glen SheluchinStation Overseer
Kim SheluchinStation Overseer's wife
Paul Allcornsquatter family
Juli Allcornsquatter family
Persephone Allcornsquatter family
Pierette Allcornsquatter family
Portia Allcornsquatter family
Genevieve YatesGoverness
Claire WilliamsMaid
Danielle SchaefferMaid
Carolina FranceseStation cook
Mal BurnsStation hand
Peter GordonStation hand
Adam CarterStation hand
Bernie KennedyShepherd
Dan HatchShepherd
cast photo

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