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Episode 4

Sun, June 21, 2020
450,000 viewers (11th)
Writer: Peter Duncan
Director: Peter Duncan

Inspired by true events, Operation Buffalo shines a spotlight on a controversial time in Australia’s modern history, the 1950s British nuclear testing in outback South Australia.

When Leo arrives back at Maralinga with Wilcox and members of the press, he must keep them away from the unexpected visitors hiding in the camp's kitchen.


  • Ewen Leslie as Leo Carmichael
  • Jessica De Gouw as Eva Lloyd-George
  • James Cromwell as Cranky
  • Tony Martin as Richard Wilcox MP
  • Wakarra Gondarra as Tom
  • Brandon Walters as Billy
  • Frances Djuilbing as Ruby
  • Shaka Cook as Sam
  • Shantae Barnes Cowan as Peggy
  • Julian Garner as St John Moore
  • Michael Denkha as Doug
  • Harry Greenwood as Baxter
  • Alan Dukes as Philip Lachlan Mp
  • Adrienne Pickering as Nurse Corinne Syddell
  • Philip Quast as Professor Quentin Ratchett
  • Sean O'Shea as Dr. Lewis
  • Angus McLaren as Dalgleish
  • Benedict Wall as Jones
  • Sam Parsonson as Hilly
  • John Gaden as Swanny
  • Grant Garland as Press
  • Alexander Bertrand as Murphy
  • Roland Powell as Narrator
  • Nicholas Hope as Dr. Breston
  • Brenden Lovett as Dr. Williams
  • Matthew Backer as Dr. Myer
  • Natasha Bassett as Nurse Alice