Produced by Matchbox Pictures

Creators: Paul Oliver & Steve Wright
Executive Producers: Carole Sklan, Christopher Gist
Executive Producers: Gregor Jordan, Tony Ayres, Penny Chapman
Producer: Helen Panckhurst
Directors:Gregor Jordan, Peter Templeman, Paul Oliver

Airing: May 23, 2014... (ABC1)

Ted McCabe, a retired cop, and Lennie Cahill, a recently released crim, reluctantly join forces to trackdown the mastermind behind the heist-gone-wrong that ruined both their careers. Although determinedly on opposite sides of the law, they find themselves growing to appreciate each other's talents as they work together to unravel the mystery and make some much-needed cash along the way. OLD SCHOOL is an odd couple crime series about growing old in a modern world, where your former enemy might just turn out to be your closest ally. Born out of creator Paul Oliver's film Lennie Cahill Shoots Through.
Bryan BrownLennie Cahill
Sam NeillTed McCabe
Sarah PeirseMargaret McCabe
Damian Walshe-HowlingVince Pelagatti
Hanna Mangan LawrenceShannon Cahill
Mark Coles-SmithJason Dhurkay
Aaron JefferyRick Duncan
Kate BoxCath Khoury
cast photo

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