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Sunday, August 15, 2010 (Ten)
Ratings: 1.124 million viewers (7th)
Written by Debra Oswald
Directed by Kate Dennis

Fall in love with Nina Proudman as she struggles to deal with her fabulously messy family, her explosive ex-husband, the intensity of a job delivering babies, and the hunt for a decent sex life — whilst also handling her tendency to over-think, fantasise, and wonder about life's other little mysteries.

Nina's relaxing day off starts like any other, using the seven hours and forty minutes to try and reorganise her entire life. No sooner has Nina started item number four on her to do list, a fantasy about sexy new paediatrician Chris Havel, she's interrupted by a barrage of phone calls. Nina's morning now involves rescuing her family from their own chaotic lives.

Free of family obligations, Nina arrives back at her flat to find an explosive reminder of her ex-husband's undying love. Brendan's desperate to talk, but furious Nina insists he leave her alone and return to getting psyche help.

Back at work, Nina overhears gossip about Chris' past and is intrigued by the handsome man she's feeling such a connection with. Nina finally builds up the courage to ask Chris on a date but she unwittingly catches him at a bad time and misreads his distraction as rejection. Deflated, Nina watches Chris move off as Brendan appears and assumes Nina and Chris are an item.

Billie attempts makeup sex with on again, off again boyfriend Mick but a fight erupts when he fails to take her career seriously and Billie reiterates why they can't be together. Determined to move on, Billie goes on a date with a 'grownup man' however she soon loses interest when the good looking lawyer reveals he's a rabid Star Wars fan.

Leaving her father's house when Cherie arrives, Billie moves in with Mick, only lasting twenty minutes before causing a fight and opting to stay with Nina instead.

Heavily pregnant Cherie returns to the hospital for a check-up with old friend and workmate Nina. Before she can leave Cherie goes into premature labour. During the delivery the women realise the baby's father is in fact Nina's dad, Darcy. Unsure how to break the news to her brief holiday fling, Cherie begs Nina to tell Darcy about the baby. Darcy is over the moon with the surprise and offers Cherie a place to live. Wary of Darcy feeling obligated, Cherie eventually accepts the invitation.


  • Asher Keddie as Nina Proudman
  • Kat Stewart as Billie Proudman
  • Don Hany as Chris Havel
  • Deborah Mailman as Cherie Butterfield
  • Eddie Perfect as Mick Holland
  • Richard Davies as Jimmy Proudman
  • Linda Cropper as Geraldine Proudman
  • Christopher Morris as Brendan Wright
  • John Waters as Darcy Proudman
  • Jane Harber as Zara Perkich
  • Leah De Niese as Odile
  • Mimi Efron & Archie Flegeltaub as Baby Ray
  • Alicia Gardiner as Kim Akerholt
  • Fiona Harris as Stacey
  • Mike McLeish as Stacey's Husband
  • Carole Patullo as Stacey's Mother
  • Tex Daffy as Stacey's Baby
  • Rosemary Christopherson as Lynette
  • Kelly Downey as Cafe Woman
  • David Whiteley as Russell
  • Flynn Curry as Young Jimmy
  • Alexandra Cashmere as Young Nina
  • Virginia Cashmere as Young Billie
  • Ben Anderson as Brad (Buyer 1)
  • Angeline Thompson as Angela (Buyer 2)
  • Tahlia Accornero as Lucy Havel
  • Chrissie Leigh as Young Woman With Dog
  • Stephen Hall as Grown Up Man
  • Nick Farnell as Divorcing Husband
  • Shanyn Asmar as Divorcing Wife
  • Sarah Lawrence as Backpacker
  • Jessica Mohl as Backpacker
  • Verity Harris as Pretty Woman
  • Robert Wallace as Tony (New Buyer 1)
  • Linda Keane as Trish (New Buyer 2)
  • Hannah Johnson as Mum With Sunscreen Dad
  • Peter Arvanitis as Sunscreen Dad
  • Arabella Hawkins as 5 Year Old Girl
  • Andrew Hawkins as Dad With 5 Year Old Girl
  • Justine Irving as Mum With 5 Year Old Girl
  • Peter Cassidy as Dad With 18 Year Old Son
  • Ande Orbach as Mum With 18 Year Old Son
  • Chris Harris as Swimming 18 Year Old Son
  • Adam Rabone as Swimming Athletic Male
  • Lisa Bonnici and Lee Robins as Swimming Couple
  • Swimmers: Darci Kleverlaan-Taylor, Hudson Taylor, Ken Watts, Dion King-Watts, Nursery Babies Xavier Anderson, Sibella Serafina, Women Anne McCaffrey, Paula Theodore, Kate Dennis, Imogen Banks, Debra Oswald, Band Mates Ben Hendry, Vincenzo Roberto, Martin Lubran, Mums Natalie Alpine, Sarah Ford, Toddlers Austyn Inman, Poppy Ford, Tahlia Accornero
  • Fabiana De Lucena as Swimming Teacher
  • Peter Cassidy as The Fling Guy
  • Jack as Rocket