Produced by Cash-Harmon Productions

Executive Producer: Bill Harmon

Aired: March 1972–December 22, 1977

Groundbreaking serial featuring high camp dramatics, sex, sin, nudity, and hilarious comic relief. Set in a block of eight flats in inner suburban Sydney, storylines dealt with the residents of the flats while the ground floor wine bar and delicatessen, and near-by Laundrette provided central meeting places for characters. Early storylines detailed the sex and sin aspects, with crime, rapes, murders and nudity. An early storyline was the dreaded 'knicker snipper', a devious intruder who ransacked the women's bedrooms and cut holes in their panties and bras. Later comedy storylines came to dominate though 1974 saw more crime with the horrific 'panty-hose' strangler killing off four young women residents, and 1975 saw four major stars killed off in the infamous 'bomb-blast' episode: a failed attempt to bolster the sagging ratings. Australia's first full frontal nude scene was added during the later episodes but nevertheless, ratings waned and the series eventually ended, with Dorrie and Don the only original characters still around at the end. - R. Lindsay
AbigailBev Houghton(1972-1973)
Peter AdamsAndy Marshall(1974-1975)
Jan AdeleTrixie O'Toole(1974-1977)
Tony AllynMiles Cooper(1975)
Ronne ArnoldChad Farrell(1972)
Philippa BakerRoma Godolfus(1972-1975)
Briony BehetsHelen Eastwood(1972)
Wendy BlacklockEdie McDonald(1974-1977)
Bunny BrookeFlo Patterson(1972-1977)
Chelsea BrownHenri P Cobb(1977)
Anne Charleston'Mad' Stella(1975)
Suzanne ChurchJane Chester(1975-1977)
James CondonSir Arnold Ashton
Chantal ContouriTracy Wilson(1974-1975)
Patti CrockerEileen Chester(1975-1976)
Max CullenRalph Finlayson
Lorrae DesmondMarion Carlton(1972)
Mike DorseyReg McDonald(1974-1977)
Carmen DuncanHelen Sheridan(1973)
Paula DuncanCarol Finlayson(1974-1975)
James ElliottAlf Sutcliffe(1972-1975)
Stuart FinchIan Chester(1976)
Peter FlettMichael Bartlett(1974-1975)
Jill ForsterHelen Sheridan(1973-1974)
Arianthe GalaniMaria Panucci
Vivienne GarrettRosa Godolfus(1972)
Vincent GilCliff Stevens(1972)
Ashley GrenvilleKerry Braddon(1975-1977)
Robyn GurneyJanie Somers(3/1972 - 9/1972)
Frances HargreavesMarilyn McDonald(1974-1975, 1977)
Martin HarrisMark Eastwood(1972)
Joe HashamDon Finlayson(1972-1977)
Mark HashfieldAlan Cotterell(1972)
Chard HaywardDudley Butterfield(1973-1977)
Lynda KeaneAnne Spencer(1972)
Sheila KennellyNorma Whittaker(1972-1977)
Jeff KevinArnold Feather(1972-1977)
Elizabeth KirkbyLucy Sutcliffe(1972-1975)
Margaret LaurenceLiz Chalmers(1975)
Elaine LeeVera Collins(1972-1976)
Joanna LockwoodRos Halliday
Johnny LockwoodAldo Godolfus(1972-1975)
Dina MannDebbie Chester(1975-1977)
Charne MarshallBernadette(1975)
Ingrid MasonMandy Ward(1976)
Pat McDonaldDorrie Evans(1972-1977)
Gordon McDougallLes/Andrew Whittaker(1972-1977)
Diana McLeanDorothy Dunlop
Julieanne NewbouldTheresa
Tom OliverJack Sellars(1972-1974, 1975)
John OrcsikSimon Carr
Susannah PiggottGeorgina Carter(1972)
Lynn RainbowSonia Vansard(1972)
Penny RamsayBabs(1972)
Carol RayeAmanda von Pappenburg(1974)
Candy RaymondJill Sheridan(1973)
Vicki RaymondBev Houghton(1973)
Tristan RogersCain Carmichael(1974)
Justine SaundersRhonda Jackson(1976)
Thelma ScottClaire Houghton
Ron ShandHerb Evans(1972-1977)
Kit TaylorWarwick Thompson(1975-1976)
Malcolm ThompsonToby Buxton(1977)
Rowena WallaceMuriel Thompson(1975-1976)
Paul WeingottBruce Taylor(1972, 1973)
Bettina WelchMaggie Cameron(1972-1975)
Norman YemmHarry Collins

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