Westside: episode guide

All That Impedes Thee From The Golden Round [1974]


Episode 1.01
NZ: Sun, May 31, 2015
Aus: tba (Nine)
294,920 viewers (5th)
Written by Rachel Lang
Directed by Mark Beesley

The premiere of this Outrageous Fortune prequel sees Ted West reunited with his love, Rita. But she has a secret, and he has a lot to prove if he's to get back on top of his game…

As New Zealand joins together for the Commonwealth Games, Ted West gets out of jail after a three year stretch for a robbery that went wrong at Smith & Caughey's. Ted finds he's been ditched as leader of his gang and is determined to root out the rat who put him in jail. Meanwhile, young Wolf resents his father being back home and Rita has problems of her own, including a tenacious young admirer. But should Ted go solo to prove his mettle? He has a lot to prove if he's to get back on top of his game.

Starring: Antonia Prebble as Rita West, David de Lautour as Ted West, Dan Musgrove as Lefty Munroe, Esther Stephens as Ngaire Munroe, Todd Emerson as Bilkey Van Heeder, Pana Hema-Taylor as Bert Thompson, Xavier Horan as Phineas O'Driscoll, Sophie Hambleton as Carol O'Driscoll

With: Will Hall as Mike, Reon Bell as Wolf, Jordan Maugher as Rod, Jarred Blakiston as Vern, Angelina Cottrell as Desiree

Notes: The details of the Smith & Caughey krugerrand heist are covered in episode 3.07 of Outrageous Fortune, a good refresher episode for this prequel series along with episode 4.04. While Outrageous Fortune took its episode titles from Shakespeare's Hamlet, Westside's series 1 titles come from Macbeth.

Is't Far You Ride? [1975]


Episode 1.02
NZ: Sun, June 07, 2015
220,650 viewers
Written by James Griffin
Directed by Mark Beesley

As Ted's away on a job, a bored Rita pursues other interests. And Wolf's act of vandalism starts a war with the Doslic neighbours. Ted's jewellery tribute to Rita inspires Wolf to make amends to his mother, as Rita embarks on a bold plan to get her own career. But peace making Ted finds the Dallies have more to recommend them than wine… One of them has skills Ted can use to best his personal great white whale, the safe at a mine. But the job comes with unexpected complications and Rita will have to work the angles to save her husband, and achieve her dream.

With: Will Hall as Mike, Reon Bell as Wolf, Jordan Maugher as Rod, Eve Gordon as Pat, Luke Carroll as The Miner, Jamaica Vaughan as Maria, Tatiana Hotere as Dafna, Glen Levy as Darijo

Instruments of Darkness Tell Us Truths [1976]


Episode 1.03
NZ: Sun, June 14, 2015
151,330 viewers
Written by Rachel Lang
Directed by Murray Keane

Rita doesn't take kindly to Phineas giving Carol the bash, as Ted's latest payroll job in South Auckland is interrupted by cops. Ted finds they're not after the gang, they're deporting overstayers in Dawn Raids. Rita takes in Carol, as Ted takes on a homeless disco dancing overstayer by the name of Falani and champions his cause. But their good works backfire — as Mike becomes suspicious about why Ted's been in South Auckland, and Carol's newfound recklessness threatens to rebound on Rita and Ngaire. Rita attempts to contain the damage, as Ted seeks justice for Falani, and a way to complete the heist…

With: Will Hall as Mike, Liam Ferguson as Wolf, Patrick Tafa as Falani, Teuila Blakely as Talita, Jo Davison as Lois, David Fane as Falani Senior

Notes: David Fane played Falani and Jo Davison was Mrs Hong in Outrageous Fortune

Dedicated in the memory of Frank Whitten
(15 November 1942 – 12 February 2011)

Our Poison'd Chalice [1977]


Episode 1.04
NZ: Sun, June 21, 2015
224,130 viewers
Written by James Griffin
Directed by Murray Keane

When Bert is exposed as a rat, Rita takes extreme action. Ted's angry response provokes the revelation that Rita once tried to kill someone closer to home: Wolf. Unable to face her son, Rita joins Carol in town for a life of sex, drugs, art and rock and roll. Ted is bereft and the gang are in disarray as Bilkey proposes a new work opportunity through a guy called Marty Johnstone. At a wild party, Ted meets Rita, and embarks on an ambitious robbery, which gets him into hot water. Rita is seeing the downside of party life and fears for Carol, as Ted brokers a deal with the dealers. As Ted and Rita both make a stand, maybe there's a chance they can be reunited.

With: Will Hall as Mike, Liam Ferguson as Wolf, Patrick Tafa as Falani, Joel Tobeck as Des McEwen, Jamie Irvine as Marty Johnstone, Elliot Wrightson as The Artist, Gabriel McArtney as Captain Hook, Jimmy Hazelwood as Guy; The Band: Adam Jackson (Vocals), Corné Coetzee (Guitar), Hayden Strait (Bass), Paul Barry (Drums)

Note: guest star Gabriel McArtney is the son of late Hello Sailor guitarist/vocalist Dave McArtney and appears in this episode playing his father composing Gutter Black, the Hello Sailor song that was used as the Outrageous Fortune title music.

Note: Dan Musgrove (Lefty) played real-life drug trafficker Marty Johnstone in Underbelly NZ: Land of the Long Green Cloud in which Jamie Irvine (now playing Marty Johnstone in Westside) was the lead detective pursuing him.

Dire Combustion [1978]


Episode 1.05
NZ: Sun, June 28, 2015
214,780 viewers
Written by James Griffin
Directed by SImon Bennett

Rita goes to Ted's aid — and he's covered in blood. How did this happen? Bert, desperate to be back in the gang, offers a lead on an ambitious new heist. As Rita discovers that Wolf has a secret life and a sassy punk girlfriend, Anne-Marie. Rita is determined to be reacquainted with this paragon, and also plays match maker to reunite Phineas and Carol. Anne-Marie's father has skills that can help the job and it's full steam ahead — until it all goes horribly wrong. The deadly fallout leads to recriminations, violence and heartbreak. Ted and Rita need to take charge to save the day, and the gang. And they also end up with a foster child, named Sparky.

With: Will Hall as Mike, Liam Ferguson as Wolf, Patrick Tafa as Falani, Caleb Wells as Sparky, Aaron Jackson as Cannonball, Jaime McDermott as Anne Marie, John Leigh as Dougal, John Rawls as Gang Leader

Notes: like David Fane in episode 3, John Leigh appears as the father of the character he played in Outrageous Fortune. The character of Anne-Marie, Sparky's sister, was played by Rachel Nash in Outrageous Fortune (2.13-2.15).

But For a Wayward Son [1979]


Episode 1.06
NZ: Sun, July 05, 2015
Written by Rachel Lang
Directed by SImon Bennett

Ted and Rita are rocked to discover Wolf has knocked up Lefty and Ngaire's daughter, Desiree. Rita also finds Wolf has keeping secrets from her. He has his own proto crime gang and even has his own fence, Eric. Wolf needs taking in hand and Ted arranges a shotgun wedding and gets Wolf taken on as gang apprentice. Wolf chafes, but Rita counsels that he needs to prove he is cleverer than his father. Wolf heeds his mother's advice, and pulls off a spectacular stunt to buy his freedom. But when he defends Rita from an enemy — it seems that despite his mother's best efforts, he will end up in jail.

With: Will Hall as Mike, Liam Ferguson as Wolf, Patrick Tafa as Falani, Caleb Wells as Sparky, Aaron Jackson as Cannonball, Natalie Welch as Desiree, Jordan Mooney as Eric, Cole Jenkins as Traffic Cop