Wellington Paranormal: episode guide

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Demon Girl

Episode 1.01
Wed, July 11, 2018
Writers: Jemaine Clement, Paul Yates
Director: Jemaine Clement

Officers Minogue and O'Leary bring in what appears to be a projectile-vomiting drunk teenager. Sergeant Maaka delves deeper and invites the officers to join his Paranormal Unit.

Starring: Mike Minogue as Officer Minogue, Karen O'Leary as Officer O'Leary, Maaka Pohatu as Sergeant Maaka

With: Thomas Sainsbury as Constable Parker, Gabe McDonnell as Wife, Erika Camacho as Demon Girl, Ralph Johnson as Tramp, Paul Yates as Husband, Basil Keeman as Demon Dog, Jake Cenac as Online Preacher

Cop Circles

Episode 1.02
Wed, July 18, 2018
Writers: Melanie Bracewell
Director: Jemaine Clement

Minogue and O'Leary travel to the rural outskirts to investigate photographic evidence of a cow up a tree. Maaka suspects alien activity and sure enough, the two cops soon discover evidence.

With: Richard Dey as Disoriented Farmer, Richard Dey as Muzza, Richard Dey as Bazza, Richard Dey as Buzza, Richard Dey as Bazza's Wife, Richard Dey as Bazza's Son, Richard Dey as Bazza's Daughter

Things That Do The Bump In The Night

Episode 1.03
Wed, July 25, 2018
Writer: Nick Ward
Director: Jackie van Beek

Minogue and O'Leary attend a noise complaint at what appears to be a 70s-themed party in Kandallah. But when they pull the plug on the record player, everyone disappears.

With: Andi Crown as Chloe Patterson, Dave Fane as Raymond St John, Ben Fransham as Cheeseface, Jerome Chandrahasen as 70s Party Guest, Acacia O'Connor as Cake Girl, John Wraight as Peter, Vanessa Stacey as Rochelle

The She Wolf of Kurimarama Street

Episode 1.04
Wed, August 01, 2018
Writer: Jessica Coco Hansell
Director: Jackie van Beek

Responding to a callout from a freaked out pizza delivery guy who was attacked by a big dog wearing jeans, Minogue and O'Leary soon discover that a werewolf is on the loose in Lower Hutt.

With: Ana Scotney as Sheena, Chohen Holloway as Dion, Joe Dekkers-Reihana as Pizza Guy, Carmel McGlone as Cat Lady, Ioelu Fili as Gang Boss, Olivia Parker as Runner #1, Ben Bamford as Runner #2, Ben Fransham as Sheena Stunt Double, Harley as Beyonce, Albert as Rihanna, Tinker as Police Dog

A Normal Night

Episode 1.05
Wed, August 08, 2018
Writer: Sam Smith
Director: Jemaine Clement

Minogue and O'Leary encounter a series of incidents including a plastic bag mistaken for a ghost, some creepy clowns, some sort of ritual sacrifice, and a theft from the hospital blood bank.

With: Cori Gonzalez-Macuer as Nick, Tina Cleary as Nurse Paula, Angella Dravid as Trad Goth, Melanie Bracewell as Romantic Goth, Fergus Aitken as Alexandr, Tom Clarke as Young Naked Man

Clowns: Thomas La Hood, Kim Potter, Rosie Howells, Rikus Vandervelt, Alayne Dick, Logan COle, Filipo Gasparani, Lucas Haig, Nicola Higham, Bodhi Vincent

Zombie Cops

Episode 1.06
Wed, August 15, 2018
Writers: Paul Yates, Jemaine Clement
Director: Jemaine Clement

Fellow officers Donovan and Laupepe become infected by a zombie. Minogue and O'Leary must catch them before they get to Courtenay Place on a Friday night and start the zombie apocalypse.

With: Charlie Bleakley as Donovan, Taofi Mose-Tuiloma as Laupepe, Thomas Sainsbury as Constable Parker, Hariata Moriarty as Drive Through Server, Justin Carter as Zombie Businessman, Isaac Heron as Boy Racer