Produced by The Gibson Group

Creator: Alan Brash
Producers: Dave Gibson, Jan Haynes
Directors: Danny Mulheron, John Reid, Peter Burger
Writers: Chris Ellis, Paula Boock, Kathryn Burnett, David Brechin-Smith,
James Griffin, Dominic Sheehan, Michaela Rooney,
Briar Grace-Smith, Chris Gilman, Nick Ward

Aired: March 2002 - November 2003

Melissa is a top corporate lawyer in her mid-thirties. An ultra-dedicated career woman who has climbed the legal ladder rapidly, but whose life is turned upside down when her husband, Glenn leaves her for his gym trainer. (40 x 60min)
Luanne GordonMelissa
Jodie RimmerKathryn
Renée EllwoodPaige
Robbie MagasivaAdam
Janice FinnLeslie
David Fane Jack
Eddie CampbellVince
Susana Lei'atauaSamara
Stephen BainGlenn
Kelson HendersonCal
Mark SantIan
Dion MurphyDaniel
Stephen HandisidesBilly

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