A German-New Zealand co-production
(aka Aukland Detectives)

Creators/Writers: Paula Boock, Donna Malane
Executive Producers: Philly de Lacey, Christian Friedrichs
Producers: Donna Malane, Paula Boock, Bridget Bourke
Directors: Charlie Haskell, Robert Sarkies, Gaysorn Thavat

Aired: 2019, 2021

A detective recovering from amnesia caused by a shocking car accident begins to suspect not everything is as it seems, following the reappearance of a young boy. (12x45min)
Kate ElliottD.S.S Jess Savage
Ido DrentD.S. Justin Harding
Timmie CameronRuby Savage
Dahnu GrahamA.J. Jackson
Bede SkinnerAlex Parsons
Jeffrey ThomasDoug Bennington
Alison BruceSen. Sgt. Denise Abernethy
Mark MitchinsonD.l. Ivan Petrie
Pana Hema-TaylorP.C. Rory Kerr
Ross BranniganSen. P.C. Paul (Pup) Phillips
cast photo

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