Produced by South Pacific Pictures

Creators: Rachel Lang & James Griffin
Producer: Chris Bailey
Directors: Mark Beesley, Michael Duignan, Simon Bennett, John Laing
Writers: Rachel Lang

Aiired: 2013 (TV3)

When office temp Jane (Antonia Prebble) discovers that Rose, the PA she is replacing, died under mysterious circumstances, she joins forces with Rose's best friend Linda (Siobhan Marshall) to get justice for Rose. Along the way, they find others who need their help, victims of fraud, theft and injustice, and soon Jane, Linda — and a team of unlikely co-workers — are taking on the corporate bullies, fighting for justice and using their unique powers for good. They are not afraid to break the law in order to stand up for the little people, and every step takes them a little closer to uncovering what really happened to Rose.
Antonia PrebbleJane
Siobhan MarshallLinda
Matt MintoSimon Frost
Rajeev VarmaGanesh
Jennifer LudlamSonya
James Trevena-BrownCharlie Bryson
Anna JullienneKrystle
Stelios YiakmisDerek Peterson
George MasonBen Gallagher
Theresa HealeyHelen Irwin
Luciane BuchananAroha Nash
Caren PistoriusRose Harper
John RawlsKarl Villiers
Tim FoleyGrant Finch
cast photo

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