Creator: Madeleine Sami
Producer: Carthew Neal
Director: Taika Waititi
Writers: Madeleine Sami, Thomas Sainsbury

Airing: 2011, 2013 (TV3)

Madeleine Sami transforms into five acutely observed and very different characters all living in New Zealand's super city. There's Pasha, an aging cheerleader clinging to her partying lifestyle; Azeem, an immigrant taxi driver embracing Maori culture; Jo, a closeted gym instructor in love with her best friend; Linda, the runt of her "old girls" clique fostering impoverished artists and Georgie, a homeless girl whose freedom is unexpectedly interrupted. Super City is an edgy yet heartfelt satire. Sami's delusional characters shock through the ludicrously awkward scenarios they find themselves in.
Madeleine SamiLinda
Madeleine SamiRay Donaldson
Ofa Faka'apa'apa
Mary Dalziel
Levi Tutaima

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