Produced by Subtext

Creators: Mike Smith & Paul Yates
Producers: Judith Trye, Mike Smith
Writers: Amanda Alison, Jamie Bowen, Dean Butler; Sam Smith, Leon Wadham
Director: Mike Smith

Aired: 2013 (TV3)

Cheerful slacker Deano and uptight city guy Oscar discover they are brothers when, much to their surprise, they both inherit a campground from their estranged and recently dead father. Dad had one stipulation: these two have to run the camping ground together or they lose it — they can only sell it if they both agree. It's Dad's way of bringing his family together, even if it's after he's dead.
Tammy DavisDeano
Oliver DriverOscar
Erroll ShandGunna
Morgana O'ReillyNicki
Molly TyrrellCharlotte
Mick InnesMatthew
Ian MuneMark

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