Outrageous Fortune: cast

The cast and characters of Outrageous Fortune contrasted with their counterparts on the (vastly inferior) USA remake Soundrels.

Robyn Malcolm
as Cheryl West

Virginia Madsen
as Cheryl West

Grant Bowler
as Wolfgang West

David James Elliott
as Wolfgang West

Antony Starr
as Jethro West

Patrick Flueger
as Logan West

Antony Starr
as Van West

Patrick Flueger
as Cal West

Siobhan Marshall
as Pascalle West

Leven Rambin
as Heather West

Antonia Prebble
as Loretta West

Vanessa Marano
as Hope West

Kirk Torrance
as Wayne Judd

Carlos Bernard
as DS Mack

Frank Whitten
as Grandpa West

John Lawlor
as Grandpa West

Tammy Davis
as Munter

Greg Serano
as Cruz

Dave Fane
as Falani

Eric Martinez
as Falani

Nicole Whippy
as Kasey

Kathryn Smith-McGlynn
as Kasey

Brian Sergent
as Eric

Michael Bowen
as Charlie

Michelle Ang
as Tracey Hong

Jessalyn Wanlim
as Patty Hong

Trevor Sai Louie
as Mr Hong

George Cheung
as Mr Hong

Josephine Davison
as Suzy Hong

Dina Meyer
as Nina Hong

Katrina Browne
as Caroline Darling

Jessica Collins
as Valerie Bottoms

Rohan Glynn
as Glen Hickey

Alex Knight
as Detective Potts

Peter Muller
as Grant Wilkes

Jason Priestley
as Grant

Aidee Walker
as Draska

Rachel Boston
as Tanya

as Xx

Scott Cooper Ryan
as Tad

John Leigh
as Sparky

as Sparky

Roz Turnbull
as Rochelle

as Roxy

Jason Hoyte
as Corky

Hank Rogerson
as J.J.