Produced by Libertine Pictures (NZ) and Slim Film + Television (UK)

Executive Producers: Amy Shindler & Beth Chalmers, Simon Crawford-Collins
Executive Producer: Amy Buscombe (BBC)
Executive Producer: Richard Fletcher (Libertine)
Producer: Trevor Haysom
Co-Producers: Emily Anderton, Hannah Prior
Writers: Beth Chalmers, Kate McDermott, Amy Shindler, Sam Shore, Stacy Gregg, Scott Payne, Steph Matuku, Yero Timi-Biu
Directors: Peter Salmon, Aidee Walker, Michael Hurst

Aired: July 14, 2020... (UK, CBBC)

Issie Brown moves to a quiet New Zealand town, after initially struggling to fit in; an encounter with an enigmatic stallion — Mystic — awakens an unexpected and surprising interest in horses. Based on "Pony Club Secrets" by Stacy Gregg. (29x30min)
Macey ChippingIssie Brown
Laura PatchAmanda Brown
Cathy DownesMitch
Phil BrownSam Tucker
Kirk TorrenceTom Avery
Jonny BrughKenny Burford
Antonia RobinsonNatasha Tucker
Max CreanDan Townley
Jacqueline JoeCaroline Burford
Joshua TanCaleb Burford
Harriet WaltonStella Tarrant
Xander ManktelowHamish
Romy MukerjeeAnisha
Milo CawthorneAdam
Katlyn WongCorinne
Anais ShandDora
Kelson HenderonJake
Maaka PohatuTipene
Carrie GreenMiriama
Joseph NathanGabe (s2)
Ari BoylandAlex (s2)
cast photo

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