An Atlantis Films Ltd and Tasman Film and Television Ltd Production
Produced in Association with The Freemantle Corporation

A Canada - New Zealand co-production

Executive Producers: Don Reynolds, Martin Katz, Stephen Alix
Producers: Michael Franks, Sean Ryerson

Aired: 1995

It is 1865 in Richmond, Virginia, towards the end of the American Civil War. Captain Cyrus Harding and his loyal companion Private Neb Brown are forced to surrender to Confederate troops. Jack Pencroft, his wife Joanna and teenage son Herbert are arrested by Confederates for using their boat to smuggle slaves to freedom in Canada. British journalist Gideon Spilett is accused of spying when he is caught sketching an army observation balloon. All six meet in a Confederate jail and when threatened with the firing squad, make a daring escape under gunfire, taking off in a gas-filled balloon. A storm blows the balloon across America and out to sea. It eventually crash-lands on a volcanic island in the Pacific Ocean. The castaways meet with danger and must deal with a mysterious presence hat seems to be controlling their lives. Their very survival depends on their ability to pit wits against Nemo, a genius teetering on the verge of madness.

Inspired from the classic novel by Jules Verne, "The Mysterious Island"
Alan ScarfeCaptain Cyrus Harding
C. David JohnsonJack Pencroft
Collette StevensonJoanna Pencroft
Stephen LovattGideon Spilett
Gordon Michael WoolvettHerbert Pencroft
Andy MarshallPrivate Neb Brown
John BachCaptain Nemo
Guest Starringas
Frank WhittenThomas Ayrton
Kevin WilsonCaptain Cutler
Glynnis ParahaKatira
Jay Laga'aiaTenape
Cliff CurtisPeter
Peter McCauleyMr Spilett
Lisa ChappellJane Morecombe

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