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Call Of The Wild


Episode 2.01 (11)
NZ: Mon, August 09, 2021 (TVNZ1, 8:30)
Written by Tim Pye
Directed by Britta Hawkins

When a woman shoots a stranger at point blank range by Auckland Harbour, it looks like an open and-shut case. But investigator Alexa Crowe discovers not everything is as it seems.

Starring: Lucy Lawless as Alexa Crowe, Ebony Vagulans as Madison Feliciano, Rawiri Jobe as Harry Henare, Joe Naufahu as Reuben Wulf

With: Robyn Malcolm as Tamara Innes, Peter Feeney as Michael Suzmann, Hannah Marshall as Lydia Suzmann, David De Lautour as James McMasters

Note: production of My Life is Murder moves from Melbourne, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand

Oceans Apart


Episode 2.02 (12)
NZ: Mon, August 16, 2021
W: Jodie Molloy
Directed by Britta Hawkins

Alexa's investigation into the death of a surfing champion takes her back to an old childhood haunt. But what is the victim's influencer girlfriend trying to hide?

With: Connor Johnston as Rory Byrne, George Mason as Craig Ashford, Molly Leishman as Eden, Courtenay Louise as Soroya, Stan Walker as Grant

All That Glitters


Episode 2.03 (13)
NZ: Mon, August 23, 2021
W: Kathryn Burnett
D: Mike Smith

Alexa’s personal and professional lives collide when she investigates the death of a drag queen whose career was on the rise.

With: Martin Henderson as Will Crowe, James Luck/Elektra Shock as Felix/Ginger Snaps, Nicholas Nash/Kita Mean as David/Needa, Dan Veint/Drew Blood as Nathan Torrence/Ivana Martini, Amanduh La as Polly Amarous, Michelle Ang as Kathleen Boyce

Look Don't Touch


Episode 2.04 (14)
NZ: Mon, August 30, 2021
W: Chris Hawkshaw
D: Mike Smith

Alexa is confronted by her own history when she investigates the death of a museum curator.

With: Josh McKenzie as Daniel Woodward, Anna Hutchison as Lillian Reid, Manon Blackman as Stella Moore, Matariki Whataru as Sonny Tuhana, Wesley Dowdell as Trevor, Laura Daniel as Isla

Crushed Dreams


Episode 2.05 (15)
NZ: Mon, Sept 06, 2021
W: Shoshana McCallum
D: Kiel McNaughton

Alexa will need all five senses to solve the mysterious death of an ambitious young winemaker.

With: Jay Ryan as Joe Gorman, Tatum Warren Ngata as Sam Turei, Nicola Kawana as Martha Turei, Britain Swarbrick as Francisco Silva, Graham Vincent as Alistair Hanley, Bernard Curry as Kieran Hussey, Geraldine Creff as Host

Sleep No More


Episode 2.06 (16)
NZ: Mon, Sept 20, 2021
W: Kate McDermott
D: Kiel McNaughton

A frosty reception awaits Alexa when she investigates how the chef at a resort died in his own walk-in freezer.

With: Martin Henderson as Will Crowe, William Shatner as Barton Warwock, Laura Daniel as Isla, Tom Sainsbury as Brett, Carmel McGlone as Petra, Bruce Hopkins as Tony Danovich, Ryan O'Kane as Ivan, Grace Palmer as Sophie, Maxine Cunliffe as Blake

Notes: there was no episode on the 13th due to the airing of "Surviving 9/11", a 20th anniversary special on the 9/11 attacks. Guest star Grace Palmer is married to Rawiri Jobe.

All The Better To See You


Episode 2.07 (17)
NZ: Mon, Sept 27, 2021
W: Malinna Liang
D: Katie Wolfe

All the world’s a stage when Alexa investigates a murder of an actor in the middle of a live performance.

With: Sara Wiseman as Eleanor Bernay, Greta Gregory as Sonya Fulton, Jordan Mooney as Jason Beatty, Ben Barrington as Tom Bernay, Tane Williams-Accra as Raf, Amanda Palmer as Lee

Hidden Gems


Episode 2.08 (18)
NZ: Mon, Oct 04, 2021
W: Claire Tonkin
D: Katie Wolfe

Alexa must sort fact from fiction when a compulsive liar confesses to a murder at a high-end jeweller.

With: Martin Henderson as Will Crowe, Bill Bailey as Enzo Pavone, Antonia Prebble as Ramona Church, Cian Elyse White as Nicki Balodis, Anika Moa as Penny, Stephanie Liebert as Mariel Demarco

Note: the 45 Alex gets in the mail from her brother is the 1980 Polydor release of I Got You by Split Enz. The song plays at the end of the episode.

Wild Life


Episode 2.09 (19)
NZ: Mon, Oct 11, 2021
W: Malinna Liang
D: Michael Hurst

Harry asks Alexa to look into the case of his friend accused of murdering a survival expert.

With: Matt Whelan as Connor Farrow, Morgana O'Reilly as Dennie, Haanz Faavae Jackson as Jared O'Loughlin, Jaxin Hall as Marcus Farrow, Madeleine Sami as Lena, Scotty Cotter as Vincent, Dayna Grant as Alexa Stunt Double

Pleasure & Pain


Episode 2.10 (20)
NZ: Mon, Oct 11, 2021
W: Jodie Molloy
D: Michael Hurst

Alexa investigates the death of a self-help guru and finds herself in a cat-and-mouse game with the victim’s mysterious wife.

With: Renee O'Connor as Clarissa Klein, Shoshana McCullum as Sarah, Miles Muir as Cameron Klein, Michael Hurst as Otto Klein, Colin Mathura-Jeffree as Haj X, Ava Diakhaby as Ash, Nikki Si'Ulepa as Chantelle D'Arcy

Notes: season finale. Miles Muir is Renee O'Connor's son.