Mataku: episode guide

The Sisters: Nga Tuahine

Episode 1.01
New Zealand: 2001 (TV3)
Canada: Wed, November 13, 2002 (APTN)
Screenplay by Carrey Carter
Directed by Robin Walters

Devoted sisters, Nola and Naera, are separated as children when Naera goes missing in the forest. Nola carries the pain of her sister's disappearance into adulthood, and when her own life begins to crumble around her, Naera appears to her, with a plan to reunite the sisters forever.

Starring: Mamaengaroa Kerr-Bell as Nola, Nari Gutherie as Naera, Renee Soloman-Tauhinu as Young Nola, Gordon Hatfield as The Admirer, Stephen Lovatt as Trevor, Ngamaru Raerino as Priest, Peter Kau as Ratu, Erina Toi as Ramai, Temuera Morrison as Presenter

The Heirloom: Te Kura Paraoa

Episode 1.02
New Zealand: 2001
Canada: Wed, November 06, 2002
Screenplay by Bradford Haami and Michael Barrett
Directed by Michael Barrett

Jonathan is a talented craftsman who, together with his scheming girlfriend, buys Maori artifacts at auction under the pretense of repatriating them. But Jonathan is in for a surprise when he tries to copy a beautiful whalebone patu and the patu shows its power.

Starring: Tamati Rice as Jonathan, Sara Wiseman as Petra, Norman Forsey as Honor, Hori Ahipene as Charlie, Lawrence Makaore as Warrior, Waihoroi Shortland as Kaumatua Tiaki, Andre Huber as Herr Heinrich, Patrick Smith as Auctioneer, Bayley Kite as Little Girl on Bike, Renee O'Connor as American Buyer, Ian Mune as Detective, Temuera Morrison as Presenter

The Blue Line: Kahurangi

Episode 1.03
New Zealand: 2001
Canada: Wed, November 27, 2002
Written and directed by Vanessa Rare

When a property development company starts to clear land to make way for a new casino, a young female executive is overtaken by the spirit of an old Maori woman. She is compelled to keep the land sacred… at any cost.

Starring: Cherie James as Sandra, Kirk Torrance as Temuera, Mabel Wharekawa-Burt as Kahurangi, Peter Feeney as Selwyn/Captain Harrison, Stephanie Wilkin as Leanne, Kayte Fergusson as Katarina, Mark Clare as Ted, Bruce Stewart as Colonial Soldier, Bruce Cairns as Colonial Soldier, Temuera Morrison as Presenter

The Pathway of the Spirit: Te Ara-Wairua

Episode 1.04
New Zealand: 2001
Canada: October 30, 2002
Screenplay by Riwia Brown
Directed by Jim Moriarty

The marriage of Kingi and Marama is the perfect match. Their love for one another has no boundaries. When tragedy strikes, an old Maori legend leads Kingi into the world of the spirits, with the hope of being reunited with his love.

Starring: Te Arepa Kahi as Kingi, Tahei Simpson as Marama, Wi Kuki Koa as Rua, Helen Pearce-Otene as Tui, Roimata Taimana as Tony, Dale Husband as Hepi, Diana Ngaromutu Heka as Irene, Natasha Daniels as Marama's Girlfriend, Ninakaye Taane as Marama's Girlfriend, Wiki Oman as Nurse, Eileen Perez-Ferguson as Doctor, Temuera Morrison as Presenter

The Final Plume: Te Raukura

Episode 1.05
New Zealand: 2001
Canada: Wed, November 20, 2002
Written and directed by Carey Carter

Sean Ngari is a model teenager, but without warning he attacks his father in a violent rage. Sean persists in violent behaviour and is locked away. Sean's mother consults a tohunga who reveals that Sean is acting on the dying wish of an old Maori Chief. It is prophesied that he will kill his own father. The tohunga tries to break the curse without realizing there are other forces at work.

Starring: William Park as Sean, Pete Smith as Pahi, Sue Garton as Rina, Robin Kora as Te Haika, Kingi Taurua as Te Kakarapiti, Anaru Grant as Tuta, Lawrence Makoare as Tom, Lionel Waaka as Manu, Tracey Carter as Woman Police Officer, Ed Tuari as Compere, David Waikaira-Paul as Warena, Lui Manu-Anderson as Keepa, Michael Hurst as Dr Forbes, Temuera Morrison as Presenter

The Enchanted Flute: Te Ngoro

Episode 2.01 (6)
New Zealand: 2001
Canada: Wed, December 04, 2002
Screenplay by Briar Grace Smith
Directed by Michael Bennett

A shy young man finds a Maori bone flute on a beach, which seems to be the answer to his problems, but which could lead him to his doom.

Starring: Darren Young as Randolph, Miriama Smith as Hine/Marakihau, Veeshayne Armstrong as Kuini, Jo Davidson as Sally, Patrick Kuhtze as Drummer, Chris Graham as Keyboards, Kipa Royal as Double Bass, Jess Henry as Teenage Girl, Te Maapi Pene as Teenage Boy, Jason Nathan as Waata, Mark Nua as Bouncer, Temuera Morrison as Presenter

The Rocks: Nga Kohatu

Episode 2.02 (7)
New Zealand: 2001
Canada: Sunday, January 06, 2003
Screenplay by Debra Reweti and Michael Bennett
Directed by Cliff Curtis

A rocky outcrop, once the site of a bloody killing, carries a curse, bringing heartbreak and tragedy to the family that farm the land.

Starring: Andrew Binns as Frank, Tungia Baker as Nanny, Mauri-Oho Stokes as Hone, Nicola Kawana as Tui, Colin May as Ted Reece, Bruce Allpress as Old Man Frank, Temuera Morrison as Presenter

The Lost Tribe: Nga Iwi Ngaro

Episode 2.03 (8)
New Zealand: 2001
Canada: Wed, December 22, 2002
Screenplay by Michael Bennett
Directed by Peter Burger

During a training exercise, an Army unit stumbles across a lost warrior from the past.

Starring: Calvin Tuteau as Sergeant Tu Peters, Ross Duncan as Swanky Stevens, Scott Morrison as John Doe, Phil Spencer-Harris as Charlie, Clint Eruera as Doug, Craig Hall as Tatts, Laurie Dee as Gerald, Joy Watson as Betty, Rob Mokaraka as Jack, Slade Leef as Shaft, Bruce Burfield as Truckie, Blue Pilkington as Rabbit, Rob 'Bomber' Young as Sandy, Charlie Reuben-Tuoro as Ngati Hawea Warrior, Michael Steedman as Ngati Hawea Warrior, Jade Fraser as Ngati Hawea Warrior, Ronnie Jones as Ngati Hawea Warrior, Timikara Taurerewa as Ngati Hawea Warrior, Pita Taurerewa as Ngati Hawea Warrior, John Potini as Ngati Hawea Warrior, Ralph Adams as Ngati Hawea Warrior, William Papuni as Ngati Hawea Warrior, Feofaaki Kulitapa as Ngati Hawea Warrior, Kevin J Wilson as The Captain, Temuera Morrison as Presenter

The Fishing Trip: Mahi Hi Ika

Episode 2.04 (9)
New Zealand: 2001
Canada: Sunday, January 12, 2003
Screenplay by Carey Carter
Directed by Carey Carter

There are dire consequences when friends on a fishing trip land on sacred land.

Starring: Hemi Rudolph as Luke, Sonny Kirikiri as Pia, Geoffrey Dolan as Ron, Phil Adams as Bill, Michael Dwyer as Golly, Bronson Ah Kuoi as Young Luke, Paaka Hakaraia as Young pia, Lloyd Reardon as Young Ron, Hore Epiha as Young Bill, Adhan Hall as Young Golly, Temuera Morrison as Presenter

The God Child: Tipua

Episode 2.05 (10)
New Zealand: 2001
Canada: ???
Screenplay by Vanessa Rare
Directed by Vanessa Rare

There are consequences for a young woman who uses her psychic powers for criminal gain.

Starring: Simone Kessell as Virginia, Makareta Umbers as Furnell/Hine, Glen Drake as Reece, Thomas Kiwi as The Tohunga, Sophia Hawthorne as Shar, Rihari Taratoa-Bannister as Tony, Andrea Kelland as Fleur, Grant Bridger as Games Master, Angelo Morini as Harry, Tamar Howe as Inmate, Patrick Wilson as Ron Bouker, Margaret-Mary Hollins as Woman, Grant McFarland as Investor, Temuera Morrison as Presenter

Divine Intervention: Ahu Mai Hohonu

Episode 2.06 (11)
New Zealand: 2001
Canada: Sunday, December 29, 2002
Screenplay by Michael Bennett and Bradford Haami
Directed by Robin Walters

A taxi driver summons a taniwha to deal with a new rival.

Starring: Pio Terei as Tama, Whetu Fala as Heti, Glynnis Paraha as Peti, Alvin Fitisemanu as Sole, Kate Sullivan as Ripeka, Antonio Te Maioha as Kanawheru, June Bishop as Mrs Fitzsimmons, Rose Rawiri as Customer, Temuera Morrison as Presenter

Going to War: Te Mura O Te Ahi

Episode 2.07 (12)
New Zealand: 2001
Canada: Sunday, January 15, 2003
Screenplay by Michael Bennett
Directed by Michael Bennett

A young Maori soldier who is sceptical about his family's traditional beliefs has his mind changed when he encounters his uncle who died years before in World War II.

Starring: Manu Bennet as John, Blair Strang as Uncle Eru, Vicky Haughton as Kura, Jason Hoyte as Badger, Charles Unwin as Flight Engineer, Rachael House as Rachel, Ngawai Greenwood as Kura's Mother, Ngamaru Raerino as Kura's Father, Hugo McCallum as Private, Jayde Rutene as Young Kura, Simon Clarke as Navigator, George Henare as Uncle Ben, Temuera Morrison as Presenter

The Sands of Time: Te One Tahua

Episode 2.08 (13, finale)
New Zealand: 2001
Canada: Wed, December 11, 2002
Screeplay by Robert Rakete, Darren Young
Directed by Carey Carter

When a family moves into a new home, the two children find themselves haunted by the spirits of two doomed lovers.

Starring: Rawiri Paratene as David Williams, Maggie Harper as Mary Williams, Dominique Crawford as Nicky Williams, Jacob Rutene as Caleb Williams, Lawrence Wharerau as Mahangaroa, Warwick Morehu as Te Tako, Jamie Milroy as Hinewawata, Patrick Kake as Sgt Te Moananui, Ronnie Jones as Mahangaroa Henchman, James Winiata as Mahangaroa Henchman, Arrin Clark as Mahangaroa Henchman, Karmen Hetaraka as Mahangaroa Henchman, Edward Howard as Mahangaroa Henchman, Tama Paekau as Te Tako Henchman, Jimmy Figure as Te Tako Henchman, Temuera Morrison as Presenter