Maddigan's Quest: episode guide

Road Rats

Episode 1
UK: January 26, 2006
NZ: February 11, 2006
Aus: March 31, 2006 (Nine)
Directed by Charlie Haskell

Children's drama series set in a post-apocalyptic world where technology as we know it has collapsed. 14-year-old Garland is a member of Maddigan's Fantasia, a travelling circus. The Fantasia have been charged to get a new solar converter to save their home city of Solis, meaning a dangerous journey along hostile winter roads. Their mission begins in disaster as they are attacked by road rats: their food is stolen and Ferdy is shot. Yves states that they must return to Solis for food and medical attention for Ferdy, but Maddie reveals they cannot, they are entrusted with a secret mission and must continue. The Fantasia find a small settlement, where they can get food and medical help in exchange for a show. At camp, Garland meets two strange boys, who seem to be being pursued by two men. Who are these boys, and what do they want?

With: Fleur Saville as Silver Girl, Lee Tuson as Road Rat King, Tara Okan as Bailey, Onno Boelee as Mean Milton Man


Episode 2
UK: January 30, 2006
NZ: February 18, 2006
Aus: April 07, 2006
Written by Margaret Mahy, Rachel Lang, Gavin Strawhan
Directed by Charlie Haskell

Garland fears that Timon and Eden could put the Fantasia at risk. She is sure that the mysterious strangers, Ozul and Maska are still following. They reach a roadblock that's been set up by Ida and her gang of mutant hillfolk. The hillfolk demand a high toll—two boys and a baby, or they'll crush the Fantasia vans. Timon reveals to Garland the truth about himself and his siblings.

With: Geraldine Brophy as Ida, Charlie Bleakley as Hillbilly, Shane Cortese as Timon's father, Tandi Wright as Timon's mother, Ross Duncan as The Nennog


Episode 3
UK: January 31, 2006
NZ: February 25, 2006
Aus: April 14, 2006
Written by Michael Bennett, Gavin Strawhan
Directed by Geoffrey Cawthorn

The Fantasia visit the grim, industrialised city of Gramth to get fuel. The mayor claims that there are fuel shortages, caused by rebel trouble makers, but Timon is convinced that the mayor is lying. Corruption is rife in Gramth and poor children are enslaved in the mines. When Lillith is captured, Garland and Timon try to free her.

With: Fleur Saville as Silver Girl, Patrick Wilson as Mayor of Gramth, Edwin Wright as Gate Official, Florence Hartigan as Chena, Winston Harris as Rebel, Jon Pheloung as Guard, Ross Duncan as The Nennog


Episode 4
UK: February 01, 2006
NZ: March 03, 2006
Aus: April 21, 2006
Written by Michael Bennett
Directed by Peter Burger

The Fantasia stop at the simple village of Swamptown to get water but they find the place is in thrall to the Witch-Finder, who keeps the villagers safe from ghosts. Eden and Goneril are accused of being witches and put on trial.

With: Fleur Saville as Silver Girl, Alison Bruce as Witch-Finder, Norman Forsey as Town Sheriff, Catherine Waller as Sara


Episode 5
UK: February 02, 2006
NZ: March 10, 2006
Aus: April 28, 2006
Written by Rachel Lang
Directed by Peter Burger

When food runs low, Yves suggests a detour to the legendary lodge of Greentown. The Fantasia are welcomed by the hosts, Mayo and Greeta, but as soon as they eat and drink they seem to fall under a spell. Only Boomer is immune to its effects and must find a way to save the others.

With: Lucy Schmidt as Mayo, Kate Louise Elliott as Greeta, Charlotte Krem as Luisa, Andrea Kelland as Missy, Paul Barrett as Brewer, Ross Duncan as The Nennog


Episode 6
UK: February 06, 2006
NZ: March 17, 2006
Aus: May 05, 2006
Written by James Griffin
Directed by Geoff Cawthorne

Tane and Jewel contract a mysterious disease, which begins to spread to the other members of the Fantasia. An enigmatic message from the Silver Girl sends Garland, Boomer and Timon on a search for the cure, leading them into a confrontation with Ozul and Maska.

With: Fleur Saville as Silver Girl, Ross Duncan as The Nennog


Episode 7
UK: February 07, 2006
NZ: March 24, 2006
Aus: May 12, 2006
Written by James Griffin, Rachel Lang
Directed by Vanessa Alexander

The Fantasia reach Newton, "Where Knowledge is Strength", where they hope to buy a new solar converter for Solis. But the high-minded scientists of Newton are ruled by their unruly children. Lilith, inspired, goes to join them and their leader, Bolek, at their fort. When a series of tremors cause the release of hazardous waste, the children won't listen to the adults' warnings putting their lives in danger.

With: Roy Ward as Scrimshaw, Michaela Rooney as Rosalind, Milo Cawthorne as Bolek, Michael Hallows as Trader


Episode 8
UK: February 08, 2006
NZ: March 31, 2006
Aus: May 19, 2006
Written by Michael Bennett, James Griffin; Directed by Vanessa Alexander

Having obtained the solar converter, the Fantasia are on their way home, but find their route blocked by land mines, so they're forced to travel through Urukopaina, radio active tunnels of the dead. While Yves and Lilith take the vehicles to the Tunnellers village, where an appreciated Lilith is to perform, the others make their way through the passageways, guided by the Tunnellers, hopelessly mutated humans who can burrow underground like moles.

With: Sara Wiseman as Morag, Kelly Johnson as Head Tunneller

Off the Map

Episode 9
UK: February 09, 2006
NZ: April 07, 2006
Aus: May 26, 2006
Written by Margaret Mahy, Rachel Lang, Gavin Strawhan
Directed by Charlie Haskell

Now travelling on areas well off their map, Yves wins a map of the area including Solis from some friendly travellers. They follow it, but find it to be incorrect, leading them to the sea. They are soon caught by the travellers they met earlier, who turn out to be Flesh-Pirates—the women and girls will be sent to Manland, whilst the men and boys are sent to work in the jip-mines. However, they also want the converter, and Timon and Eden, for some tradesmen they have met. This leads to a terrifying ordeal for Timon—how will he, or the rest of the Fantasia, escape?

With: Fleur Saville as Silver Girl, Ilona Rodgers as Gabrielle Maddigan, Toi Iti as Blackbeard, John Leigh as Harold, Charlie Haskell as Sultan of Manland, Elliot Lawless as Prince Astor, Reuben de Jong as Edgar, Ross Duncan as The Nennog


Episode 10
UK: February 13, 2006
NZ: April 14, 2006
Aus: June 02, 2006
Written by Gavin Strawhan
Directed by Charlie Haskell

Flying Birdboys attack the Fantasia, stealing food, but the solar converter is also missing. At first it seems that the Birdboys have taken it during the attack, but when there's no sign of it at their camp, Timon suggests another suspect—Yves.

With: Ross Duncan as The Nennog, Grace Brannigan as Jewel, Tom Hern as Birdboy Leader, Andrew Patterson as Birdboy Lookout

Pilgrim's Vantage

Episode 11
UK: February 14, 2006
NZ: April 21, 2006
Aus: June 09, 2006
Written by Rachel Lang, Gavin Strawhan; Directed by Charlie Haskell

The Fantasia reach Pilgrim's Vantage—only a few stops from Solis—and with plenty of time to spare. As they celebrate, Garland feels conflicted. Maddie and Yves are closer than ever, and she misses her father. Now Timon gives her an opportunity—to use the Slider, change history and get Ferdy back. The offer is too tempting for Garland to let pass but changing the past is complicated and motives are called into question.

With: Ross Duncan as The Nennog, Grace Brannigan as Jewel, Jack Campbell as Ferdy, Fleur Saville as Silver Girl, Lee Tuson as Road Rat King


Episode 12
UK: February 15, 2006
NZ: April 28, 2006
Aus: June 16, 2006
Written by Rachel Lang
Directed by Peter Burger

With two days to get to Solis, the Fantasia perform to get guides to cross the lake, which is guarded by a monster, the Taniwha. Timon thinks Garland's old diary may be the Talisman that gives Eden his magic powers and sends it to the Nennog. Ozul and Maska are not happy that Timon seems to be so well in with the Nennog and plan to betray him. Boomer and Eden suspect Timon has betrayed the Fantasia and when his true nature is revealed to Garland adn the others, the Fantasia is forced to act to protect the solar converter and the talisman.

With: Ross Duncan as The Nennog, Grace Brannigan as Jewel, Fleur Saville as Silver Girl, Greg Johnson as Steve-O


Episode 13
UK: February 16, 2006
NZ: May 05, 2006
Aus: June 23, 2006
Written by Rachel Lang
Directed by Peter Burger

With but one day remaining to reach Solis, and no means of transport, Yves and Maddie get help from an old friend to continue their journey to Solis with the solar converter while Garland, Eden and Boomer stay behind to rescue Jewel. A transformed Timon makes an offer to help save Jewel from Ozul and Maska but leads Garland to the Nennog.

With: Ross Duncan as The Nennog, Fleur Saville as Silver Girl, Owen Black as Edward, Duke of Solis