Produced by South Pacific Pictures with Burberry Productions for CBBC (UK), Nine Network (Aus) and TV3 (NZ)

Creator: Margaret Mahy
Executive Producers: John Barnett, Ewan Burnett, Elaine Sperber
Producer: Simon Bennett
Co-Producer: Simon Nelson
Series writers: Rachel Lang, Gavin Strawhan

Aired: 2006

In a strange post­apocalyptic world, the city of Solis is the centre of human civilisation. But dark forces are at work in Solis. There are rumours of spies and betrayal. And the city is cut off from the solar cells it needs for power. Without power, Solis is doomed. Solis' only hope lies with Maddigan's Fantasia; a circus troupe that travels the dangerous, shifting roads of their world, visiting outlying communities, performing, entertaining and telling stories. At the heart of the troupe is 13-year-old Garland; reader, rider and tightrope walker and a descendent of the founder of the Fantasia. (13 x 30 min)
Rose McIverGarland
Jordan MetcalfeTimon
Zac FoxEden
Olivia TennetLilith
Rawiri PeneBoomer
Danielle CormackMaddie
Tim BalmeYves
Hori AhipeneTane
Mark NuaBannister
Peter DaubeOzul
Michael HurstMaska
Rachel HouseGoneril
Ben CooperNye
Bronwyn BakerByrna
Jack CampbellFerdy
Fleur SavilleSilver Girl
Ross DuncanThe Nennog

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