The Lost Children: characters

Hudson Mills as Ethan Melville

Ethan is a 13-year-old upper class English boy with a will to lead. He is a brave, resourceful boy who has learnt the values of kindness and decency from his parents. His strong sense of family inspires him to overcome the many challenges he will face.

However, he also has inherited some of the prejudices of the day, namely racial and class stereotyping. Ethan and the other children will discover he has the strength of character to overcome these too, although not always easily.

Hudson Mills has been in TV commercials and done theatre and voice work before, but The Lost Children is his first TV series. He's from Wellington, and is 12 years old. Hudson says of his character: "Ethan is a 13-year-old upper class English boy with a will to lead. He struggles through the challenges he faces on his journey with a silent compromise, but always tries to stay the "tough guy" of the crusading quartet. Ethan has a good heart but is scared to trust those who he meets while looking for his mother. He is not used to these rough, hostile lands but stays true to the belief that his mother is indeed alive — while sometimes secretly doubting his hopes."

Beatrice Joblin as Margaret "Meg" Cox

Meg is essentially a good kid from the wrong background. Her mother died giving birth to her and her father is a small-time criminal, currently doing time. As the story starts she is in the guardianship of her Uncle Frank, a more sinister criminal, who is teaching her to steal.

Meeting Ethan, Amy and Tama, is a turning point in her life. She's a funny, smart and kind, but she has a lot to learn about what is important in life.

A relative newcomer to the acting scene, Beatrice Joblin is the daughter of well-known actress Geraldine Brophy. Beatrice sees Meg as "smart and strong. She's also kind, funny and well meaning but she isn't tactful or polite. She's just not clued in on pleasantries; for her manners aren't a high priority. She won't change opinions to suit other people and won't hesitate to voice them. She is just and loyal in her own weird way, and will make sure you are treated well, you just have to earn it."

Rhys Castle-Hughes as Tama

Tama is a slave, captured and taken from his tribe several years before in an inter-tribal conflict. The subsequent loss of ´mana´, the Maori concept of pride, respect, and self-respect, has affected his sense of self worth greatly.

Initially he is wary of the European children but once he makes friends with them he becomes a loyal and fierce friend.

Rhys Castle-Hughes is the younger brother of Keisha Castle-Hughes (Whale Rider). Rhys says of his character, "Tama is a 13-year-old Maori who has been captured by a North Island tribe and made a slave. Tama yearns to escape and return to his own tribe. An opportunity arises when he comes across three ship-wrecked European children. Although he has doubts about them, Tama embarks on an adventure with Ethan, Meg and Amy that changes all their lives.'"

Mikaela Devitt as Amy Melville

Before the shipwreck, Amy is a delicate, cosseted English girl and she will find the physical privations of their journey very difficult.

But she is no fool, and as they meet their various adventures, she finds she has reserves of strength and courage she didn't know she had.

Mikaela is not new to the world of television; she has appeared in The Strip and also several TV commercials. Mikaela says Amy is "a very shy, girly girl, unlike Meg. Amy loves her mamma and papa very much. She has a favorite doll and Meg finds her a pet mouse to replace it. So throughout the series Amy becomes more adventurous and brave. She becomes close friends with Meg — almost like sisters. Amy relies on her brother Ethan to look after her and enjoys the new friendship with Tama. Amy is a very loving and caring person, with a good sense of humour."

Tandi Wright as Charlotte Melville

An intelligent and devoted mother, Charlotte faces a mother's nightmare — knowing that her children are lost and possibly dead in a strange and hostile land. She is duped by Frank's apparent kindness but never gives up her search for her son and daughter.

Tandi Wright is one of New Zealands' most well established actresses. Her experience ranges across all the theatrical genres, from stage to film and TV. Trained at Toi Whakaari and with a BA in History Drama and Film from Victoria University, Tandi's first television appearance was in 1989 — and she hasn't looked back since. Appearing in iconic Kiwi soap Shortland Street and the popular Mercy Peak, Tandi's most recent television work includes Doves of War and The Lost Children.

John Bach as Frank Pearson

An aging, career criminal who sees a prime opportunity in the children and the valuable diamond necklace they carry and cruelly deceives their mother to obtain it. A cold, remote man, his later realisation that the children's father has discovered gold increases his drive and ruthlessness.

John is a prolific actor who has been working in theatre, TV and film since the 1970s. Feature films include, 'Lord Of The Rings', 'Goodbye Pork Pie', and 'Days of Thunder' and TV appearances include 'Young Hercules', 'Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea', and 'Close To Home'.

Brian Sergeant as Harold Smythe

The perennial sidekick, Harold is Frank's not-very-bright associate. As Harold comes to know both the children and their mother he has a surprising change of heart.

Brian's previous work includes Lord Of The Rings (2001), Outrageous Fortune (2005) Shortland Street (2001) and The Strip (2001). He also does stand up comedy.