Produced by Weta Productions Ltd / Nelvana Limited
A Canada-New Zealand co-production

Director: Mike Fallows
Writers: Ross Hastings, Hugh Duffy, Michael Stokes,

Aired: 2005

A CGI animation series based on the book series by writer Martin Baynton, Jane and the Dragon is set in Medieval times and follows the comedic exploits of 13-year-old Jane, a Knight of the King's Guard. She has a sword in her belt, a shield on her arm and a giant green dragon in her backyard.
Starringas the voice of
Tajja IsenJane
Adrian TrussDragon
Mark RendallJester
Alex HouseSmithy
Sunday MusePepper
Will BowesRake
Aron TagerSir Theodore
Ben CampbellChamberlain
Isabel De CarteretPrincess Lavinia
Juan ChioranKing Caradoc
Noah ReidGunther
Cameron AnsellPrince Cuthbert
William ColgateSir Ivan
Alex BelcourtQueen Gwendolyn
Jill FrappierLady-in-Waiting
Clive WaltonMagnus
jane and the dragon

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