Produced by The Gibson Group for TVNZ with assistance from NZ On Air

Creator: Peter Cox
Producers: Dave Gibson, Donna Malane, Chris Tyson
Writers: Paula Book, Peter Cox, David Brechin-Smith
Directors: Brendan Donovan, Yvonne Mackay, Nathan Price

Aired: 2005

This seven-part series is based around a diverse group of young people whose lives become inextricably inter-linked. When they are all implicated in a bizarre incident, the outcome of which forces them to examine and explore the loves that are at the core of their own lives and not just romantic love but love of life, love of self, love for children and parents, love of God, love of art, love gone wrong, love lost and unrequited love. A prequel to the series "The Insiders Guide To Happiness".

Will HallJames
Louis SutherlandMarty
Serena CottonRachel
Yvette ReidMaxine
Gareth ReevesLuc
Kate ElliottNicole
Ryan O'KaneBrad
aa and xx

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