Produced by Luminous Beast

Creators: Shoshana McCallum, Dan Musgrove, Peter Salmon
Producer: Liz DiFiore, Peter Salmon
Writers: Dan Musgrove, Thomas Sainsbury, Shoshana McCallum, Kura Forrester, Nic Sampson
Director: Peter Salmon

Aired: September 24, 2020 (Prime)

A second wave of coronavirus has forced New Zealand back into lockdown, and reclusive tech expert Rose McWhitney is hacking into stranger’s video calls to get a hit of human interaction. But when she unexpectedly reconnects with an old school bully, Rose suddenly finds herself sharing iso with a haunting vision from her past. Now she’s got to work out what is real and what is just pandemic-induced paranoia. (8x12min)
Morgana O'ReillyRose
Josh ThomsonAdrian
Sam SneddenSam
June van GriffinMaisie
Michele HineMum
Carrie GreenRima
Phil BrownTed
Raj VarmaCarl
Kate SimmondsJackie
Jacqueline JoeSara
Omar Al-SobkyAli
cast photo

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