Devised by: Greg McGee, Dean Parker, Stephen Lowe
Producer: Robin Scholes
Associate Producer: Don Selwyn

Aired: 1999

Maori Princess Marama struggles with her love for two Pakeha (European) colnists, one an English lord and one a gun-runner, during the maori was against each other for 'utu' (revenge) inflamed by the relentless tide of settlers and attacks by British troops in 1800's New Zealand. From the makers of 'Once Were Warriors', Greenstone presents the epic story of the bloody collision of two races against impossible odds.
Simone KessellMarama
Matthew RhysSam Markham
Richard CoyleSir Geoffrey Halford
George HenareChief Te Manahau
Andy AndersonLamont
Tungia BakerAuntie Whetu
Timothy BalmeFather Michael
Te Paki CherringtonTe Hau
Norman ForseyCaptain Barnes
Mandie GilletteSiobhan
Jessica Van der SchaffSarah
Alison WallLady Evelyn
Elizabeth HawthorneCaroline
Noel TrevathenLord Halford
John DravioCody
Asher EmanuelMatthew
Kalutoia NicholasWikitoria

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