A Brown Sugar Apple Grunt Production

Creators: Grace Palmer, Eve Palmer, Nick Schaedel
Produced by: Angela Cudd
Producers: Kerry Warkia, Kiel McNaughton
Director: Kiel McNaughton

Released: Mon, January 4, 2021 (TVNZ On Demand)

Two very different sisters inherit a funeral home - and its eccentric employees - from their koro. While Ellie is determined to uphold her grandfather's legacy, Gwen can't wait to get to Bali and become a DJ. Can they figure out their lives while staring death in the face?
Eve PalmerEllie
Grace PalmerGwen
Vinnie BennettBeau
Josh ThomsonDean
Sophie HambletonSharyn
James RoqueBen
Wesley DowdellKerry
Lucy WigmoreLouise
Michelle AngMichelle
Rawiri ParateneHemi
Roxie MohebbiAnna
Bree PetersTrisha
Romy HooperAmba
Niwa WhatuiraZane
Lucinda HareSales Associate
Sally StockwellLeonie
Logan DoddsMitch
Angella DravidLeah
Scotty CotterSamson
Hans MasoeMurray
Cast Photo

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