Produced by Dakota Pictures and Comedy Arts in association with HBO Entertainment

Created by: James Bobin & Jemaine Clement & Bret McKenzie
Executive Producers: Stu Smiley, James Bobin, Troy Miller
Co-Executive Producers: Jemaine Clement, Bret McKenzie, Tracey Baird
Producer: Anna Dokoza
Writers: James Bobin, Jemaine Clement, Bret McKenzie, et al
Directors: James Bobin, Troy Miller, Taika Waititi, Paul Simms, et al

Aired: 2007, 2009

Jemaine and Bret moved to New York in the hopes of forging a successful music career. Unfortunately, despite their status as "New Zealand's 4th Most Popular Folk Parody Duo," fame and notoriety continue to elude them. Helping them navigate the strange world of the Big Apple are Murray, their devoted manager and New Zealand's Cultural Attache; Mel, their obsessed (and only) fan; and Dave, a local pawn shop owner and de facto counsel for how to assimilate in America. Watch as Bret and Jemaine contend with unrequited love, inept criminals, prostitution, and epileptic dogs, breaking into song as they clumsily try to break into the New York scene.
Jemaine ClementJemaine
Bret McKenzieBret
Rhys DarbyMurray Hewitt
Kristen SchaalMel
Arj BarkerDave
cast photo

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