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Episode 1.02

Monday, August 21, 2023 (Three)
Head Writer: David White
Writers: Mingjian Cui, Suli Moa, Loren Taylor, Michael White, Henry Feltham
Directed by David White

The stranded crew ration their remaining food and water carefully, while waiting to be rescued. Drug boss Cai arrives in New Zealand and the gang reach out to Ed for help.


  • Robyn Malcolm as Heather
  • Temuera Morrison as Ed
  • Villa Junior-Lemanu as Louie
  • Maaka Pohatu as Stevie
  • John Paul (JP) Foliaki as Mack
  • Albert Mateni as Gravel
  • Fay Tofilau as Blaze
  • Mosa Alipate Latailakepa as Thugga
  • Fei Li as Cai
  • Dennis Zhang as Sam
  • Xiao Hu as Jin
  • Nikita Tu-Bryant as Hui
  • Xana Tang as Bi
  • Louise Jiang as Ling
  • Gabriel Chao Ren as Tse
  • Ngapaki Moetara as Tina
  • Karen O'Leary as Justine
  • Vaiari Vaeau-Ivirangi as Sez
  • Janine Burchett as Receptionist
  • Julian Zhu as Kevin Qin
  • Dimitrius Schuster-Koloamatangi as Tall Guy
  • Olivia Hauiti as Toia
  • Karl Willetts as Toia's Dad
  • Sharron Tepania as Amo
  • Jack Laird as Terry
  • Capri Murray as Rugby Player
  • Eddie Young as Captain Wong
  • Paul Sun as Captain Cheung
  • William Zhang as Fan
  • Susana Mangisi as Nana
  • Britta Brandt as Chardonnay
  • Murray Keane as Taxi Driver
  • Andrew Ford as Funeral Director
  • Rutene Spooner as Tane
  • William Walker as Troy
  • Meilin Wu as Air Hostess
  • Celeste De-Freitas as Lesley
  • Alice May Connolly as Becs
  • Toby as Himself
  • Carly as Herself