Produced by White Balance Pictures and South Pacific Pictures

Creator/Head Writer: David White
Executive Producers: Kelly Martin, David White
Producers: Nicole Horan, Sally Campbell
Writers: Mingjian Cui, Suli Moa, Loren Taylor, Michael White, Henry Feltham
Directors: David White, Mingjian Cui

Airing: August 14, 2023... (Three)

Far North tells the (mostly) true story of how the most comically inept gang to ever join forces got half a billion dollars' worth of meth to New Zealand shores — and nearly to market. And they would have got away with it too, if it wasn't for a pesky 70-year-old Māori diesel mechanic and his aqua-aerobics instructing wife! (6x45min)
Robyn MalcolmHeather
Temuera MorrisonEd
Villa Junior-LemanuLouie
Maaka PohatuStevie
John Paul (JP) FoliakiMack
Albert MateniGravel
Fay TofilauBlaze
Mosa Alipate LatailakepaThugga
Fei LiCai
Dennis ZhangSam
Xiao HuJin
Nikita Tu-BryantHui
Xana TangBi
Louise JiangLing
Gabriel Chao RenTse
Aaron CortesiHuggins
Cast Photo

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