Produced by Filthy Productions

Producers: Britta Hawkins, Stephen Zanoski
Creators/Writers: Rachel Lang, Gavin Strawhan
Directors: Danny Mulheron, Peter Burger, ...

Aired: September - November 2016 (One)

Donna Rafferty has been channelling ill-gotten gains through various businesses for years, but when the police cart her off to the slammer, the revelation that mum's a doyenne of crime comes as a complete shock to her family. But how else was Donna supposed to keep a family running in this day and age? The Raffertys now have to fend for themselves and face the possibility that they can't actually afford their middle class lifestyle. (13x60min)
Jennifer Ward-LealandDonna Rafferty
Tai Berdinner-BladesKat Rafferty
Tim CarlsenMatt Rafferty
Victoria MacCullochBianca Rafferty
George FerrierLeo Rafferty
Pana Hema TaylorTane
David Van HornAndrew
Britta BrandtVicky
Morgan BradleyLeisha
Heto Ah HiCarol
Fasitua AmosaDetective Turner
Rachael BlampiedImogen
Ilona RodgersNana Pat
Robbie MagasivaJackson
Alison BruceDelia
Peter FeeneyDavid
Andy AndersonTrevor Oliphant
cast photo

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