Produced by Screentime NZ

Executive Producer: Philly de Lacey
Producers: Riccardo Pellizzeri, Bridget Bourke
Writer: John Banas
Directors: Riccardo Pellizzeri, John Laing, Matthew J. Saville

Aired: September 07, 2017...

A drama about the life and times of larger than life barrister, Michael Bungay. Spanning several decades chronicling good, evil, rights, wrongs, strengths and flaws, all centred around one of NZ's most infamous characters. Based on the book "Dear Murderer" by Ronda Bungay. (5 x 60min)
Mark MitchinsonMike Bungay
Erroll Shand Jim Larsen
Kate Elliott Beverley
Coen Falke Jim O'Donovan
Emmett Skilton Bruce Peterson
Peter Feeney Justice Oldfield
Jimmy Hazelwood Young Mike Bungay
Arlo MacDiarmid Ian Grieg
Adam Gardiner Richard Savage
Katherine Kennard Trish Walkley
Ella Becroft Rosemary
Colin Garlick Stuart McEwan
Ryan Wolf Tim Castle
Peter Elliott Justice Beattie
David Aston Bill Sutch
Liesha Ward Knox Sally Burke
cast photo

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