Producer: Juliet Condon
Writers: thedownlowconcept
Director: Jonathan Brough

Airing: 2014 (TV One)

No one grows up wanting to play in a covers band. It's what happens when the dream of being a rock star has faded and the desperate need for cash takes precedence over any faltering ambition. Like all cover bands, The Silhouettes nearly made it with their original material. Now they're on the bottom rung of a very shonky ladder to nowhere special, in a world where dodgy promoters and drunk crowds pretend that they're having a good time — but would rather just listen to the original track on an iPod. But unlike everyone else in the scene, The Silhouttes' leader Matt Gibson isn't quite ready to give up on the dream. Not while he has unfinished business with his former lead singer, the now infinitely more successful Ivy. (6 x 30min)
Matt WhelanAlex Gibson
Johnny BarkerMatt Gibson
Wesley DowdellKnuckles
Laughton KoraJukebox
cast photo

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