Comedy Pilot Week: episode guide

Mean Mums

September 23, 2018
Produced by South Pacific Pictures
Producers: Rachel Jean, Chris Bailey
Writer: Amanda Alison
Director: Mike Smith

When Jess’ only son starts school it’s a steep learning curve, for her. She enters a world of know-it-all, judgmental, and passive-aggressive women whose primary purpose is to promote their child as the most gifted, most brilliant, and most bestest child ever. And don’t even start with the teachers.

Cast: Morgana O'Reilly as Jess, Anna Julliennea as Heather, Allan Henry as Principal Coxhead, Aroha Rawson as Hine, Sonny Tupu as Mr Right, Bronwyn Bradley as Miss Love Goretti Chadwick as Margot, Maddie Smith as Cinnamon, Manu Powell as Braxton, Eddie Waspe as Ryan, Hudson Bailey as Finn W, Sadie Bailey as Hi-5 Kid, Pax Assadi as Dad #1, Jess Sayer as Hardcore Mum, Sara Stone as Normal Mum, Catriona Toop as Lifer Mum, Edith Poor as Working Mum, Jules Robertson as Nanny #1, Arona Sun as Nanny #2, Stephanie Liebert as Granny


September 24, 2018
Produced by Laugh Club Productions
Producers: Nick Rado & Tarun Mohanbhai
Writers: Nick Rado & Tarun Mohanbhai
Director: Pablo Araus

Follows four unsatisfied parents reluctantly forced together every Saturday just because their kids are on the same soccer team. Modern Family meets Seinfeld in this new kiwi sitcom from the head writer and writers of 7 Days.

Cast: Cohen Holloway as Chris "Boz" Bozwell, Nick Rado as Steve Bozwell, Tarun Mohanbhai as Sunil Gandhi, Donna Brookbanks as Dee Van Dermaden, Anya Banerjee as Kali Gandhi, Michelle Blundell as Amanda Bozwell, JJ Fong as Michelle Bozwell, Stephen Brunton as Joost Van Dermaden, Thomas Sainsbury as Father Clive, Matthew Curtis as Marius Van Dermaden, Shauryu Darji as Sanjay Gandhi, Lukas Maher as Ryan Bozwell, Hyugo Fox as James Bozwell, Andrew Clay as Andy, Billy Woolsey as Pete, Phoebe Bovwick as Sarah, Anna Baird as Bartender, Brittany Knowles as Club Girl #1, Georgia Knowles as Club Girl #2, Matilda Phillips as Club Girl #3, Jordan Kingham as Jayden, William Singh as Callum, Maya Garland as Aroha, Noah Matthews as Noah, Roger Shakes as Sidelines Dad #1, Joanne Curtis as Sidelines Mum #1, Sachie Fox as Sidelines Mum #2, Ojas Darji as Sidelines Dad #2, Michelle Kingham as Sidelines Mum #3, Jeannie Maher as Sidelines Mum #4, Sophie Radovanovich as Sideline Mum, Beau Radovanovich as Sideline Toddler, Billie Radovanovich as Baby, Mukesh Mohanbhai as Sideline Spectator

The Lonely Hearts Motel

September 24, 2018
Produced by Brown Sugar Apple Grunt Productions
Producers: Kerry Warkia & Kiel McNaughton and Millen Baird
Creators: Millen Baird & Siobhan Marshall
Writers: Millen Baird, Siobhan Marshall, John Argall
Directors: Millen Baird & Kiel McNaughton

A mum and son who run an unusual motel in Palmerston North are about to fail their motel inspection, when the half son and silent partner arrives unannounced in a last ditch effort to salvage his dad's legacy.

Cast: Millen Baird as Roy, Ginette McDonald as Jocelyn, Toby Sharpe as Michael, Fasitua Amosa as Asoese, Angella Dravid as Chantel, Hannah Marshall as Anne, Emma Wagner as Verity, Kate McGill as Connie, Kerry Warkia as Nora, Mick Innes as Inspector, Harry Sills as Kevin

Golden Boy

September 25, 2018
Produced by MediaWorks Ltd
Producer: Bronwynn Bakker
Writers: Alice Snedden, Eli Matthewson, Nic Sampson
Director: Jackie van Beek

In a small New Zealand town, aspiring journalist Mitch struggles to get out from under the shadow of her brother Tama — a newly-minted All Black.

Cast: Hayley Sproull, Kimberley Crossman, Dean O'Gorman, James Rolleston, Rawiri Paratene, Ingrid Park, Ana Scotney, Angella Dravid, Chris Parker, JJ Fong, Drew Munro, Manaia West, Adrenaline Rush Edwards, Indianna Lee-Coll, Fasitua Amosa Renee Lyons, Stephen Ure, Justine Smith, Simon Mead

Mangere Vice

September 26, 2018
Produced by Adrenalin Group
Producer: Sarah Cook
Creators: Bradley Walker and Damon Fepulea'i
Writer: Damon Fepulea'i
Director: Damon Fepulea'i

Set in the mean streets of South Auckland, "Mangere Vice" follows the exploits of street-smart Detective Robbie Kingi and his new partner, an upper class, preppy church boy from Epsom, Detective Povi Va'a. Their first assignment is to infiltrate the notorious Killer Whales gang, and when Povi is sent undercover as a gang prospect, his lack of street knowledge could be their downfall. They're good cops, bad cops, bro cops.

Cast: Iaheto Ah Hi as Detective Povi Va'a, Cohen Holloway as Detective Robbie Kingi, Rachel House as The Chief, Ana Scotney as Beatrice, Lauie Sila as Semu, Haanz Fa'avae-Jackson as 4-Stroke, Italia Hunt as Big Fasi, Yusef Yaseen as Mr. Patel, Irene Folau as Tina, Bradley Walker as Officer #1, Joe Thomason as Officer #2, Ben Thomason as Officer #3, India Fremaux as Officer #4, Dave Kaire as Café Patron, Alison Brewer as Active Wear Walker #1, Sarah Cook as Active Wear Walker #2