Creator & Writer: Ken Catran
Based on an idea by: Marie Stuttard
Producer: Caterina De Nave
Director: Chris Bailey

Aired: 1984

12-year-old Gretchen comes to stay on her uncle's farm for the holidays, but shortly after her arrival strange things start to happen. Gretchen has a passion for science and a talent for all things mechanical, which is why the old brass weathervane fascinates her. But the "brass daisy rod" has a complex and terrifying significance, and Gretchen plus her new friend Ronny discover its links with far distant Sirius, the Dog Star. (6 x 30min)
Sarah DunnGretchen Kierney
Jason WallaceRonny Kepa
Hamish BartleBevis Elliott
Roy BillingUncle Donald
Susan WilsonKathleen Kierney
Catherine WilkinHelen Elliott
Raymond HawthorneHerbert Mitchell
David McKenzieVic Mitchell
Anzac WallaceMataui Kepa
cast photo

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