Produced by South Pacific Television

Executive Producer: John McRae
Producer: Roger Le Mesurier
Writer: Roger Simpson
Director: Peter Sharp

Aired: 1979

A small town in 1900 is the backdrop for this award-winning 13-part children's drama series about a group of children living in Wainamu, a thermal region in the centre of New Zealand. The story portrays the conflict between the world of the Maori and the white settlers when Sir Charles Pemberton arrives from the United Kingdom on advice from his doctor, and has an idea to build a health spa on Maori land. A friendship grows between local lad Tom and Sir Charles' granddaughter, Sarah Jane. Meanwhile, a local villain is brought to justice, the Maoris foretell a catastrophe and a volcano erupts, showing the danger of interfering with Maori land.
Paul AireyTom Gregory
Rachel WestonSarah Jane
Ian NarevDavie Evans
Ross DuzevichHema
Melissa-Aroha BakerKiri
Terence CooperSir Charles Pemberton
Peter Vere-JonesJames Gregory
Marion ParryElizabeth Gregory
Waric SlyfieldSgt Gilfillan
Keri JohnsonEmily Gregory
Martyn SandersonDoomy Dwyer
Helen DorwardMabel Dwyer
Mark HadlowSid
cast photo

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