Produced by Eyeworks Touchdown in association with New Zealand On Air

Devised by: Maxine Fleming, Gavin Strawhan
Producer: Julie Christie
Director: Peter Burger,
Writers: Gavin Strawhan,

Aired: July - Aug, 2008

Four ordinary women, closely connected by shared history and friendship, meet regularly to drink and talk. One night, the women rail against men in general and husbands in particular. Jodie, leading the charge, goes one step further - to hell with divorce, she wishes Brian were dead. Little does Jodie know that her husband will soon lie stone-cold dead on the kitchen floor. It's an accident, but it looks bad - very bad.
Jodie DordayJodie Welch
Rebecca HobbsGerri Marchand
Carrie McLaughlinTheresa Donnelly
Ingrid ParkDenise Crowley
Craig HallPete Donnelly
Shane CorteseBrian Welch

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