New Zealand

Produced by Aroha Films

Producers: Melissa Wikaere, Karen Sidney, Joanna Paul

Produced: 2001

'Aroha', the Maori word for love, is a six-part anthology of half hour stories written, produced and acted in the Maori language. Aroha is the first series of its kind to be developed in New Zealand and features an outstanding lineup of Maori actors. Temuera Morrison, Rena Owen, Cliff Curtis, Taungaroa Emile, Ngarimu Daniles and Pua Magasiva all give stellar performances, but the writers and directors behind them add even more weight to their work.

Three of the films (Mataora, Haka and Siva and Tiare) were screened at the 2002 International Film Festival in Auckland to critical acclaim and the innovative dramas won praise at the Dournanez Film Festival in France, the Hawaiian International Festival and the Message Sticks Film Festival in Sydney, Australia. In 2001, AROHA also scored an award at the Canadian Imagine Native Arts Festival for Best TV Programme.
Starringasin episode
Te Kauri WihongiMatiu1
Rena OwenWai1
Taungaroa EmileTiare2
Stacey DanielsErena2
Veeshayne KatipaLeah2
Ngawai GreenwoodHaka3
Pua MagasivaSiva3
Tahei SimpsonKahukura4
Scott MorrisonJohnny4
Tungia BakerKuia Reko4
Ngarimu DanielsIrikura5
Cliff CurtisTapu5
Mere BoytonLily6
Vince AtaTungane6
Temuera MorrisonSteam6
Ngarimu Daniels and Cliff Curtis

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