(Terry and the Gunrunners)

A Finlayson-Hill Production
in association with Television New Zealand & The New Zealand Film Commission

Producer: Logan Brewer
Writer: Stephen Ballantyne
Director: Chris Bailey

Aired: 1985

Children's adventure series based on the comic by Stephen Ballantyne and Bob Kerr following the exploits of 12-year-old super hero from the North Shore, Terry Teo. Terry discovers a conspiracy involving a group of salacious criminals lead by the notorious Ray Vegas running guns and general no good. So along with his sister Polly, Terry endeavours to catch them at their game and prevent crime from spreading throughout the city. (6x24min)
Adrian BellTerry
Jennifer DukePolly
Michael BentineRay Vegas
Phillip GordonTed Teo
Sean DuffyCurly
Alistair DouglasBlue
David LetchThompson
Stephen TozerCrouch
Billy T JamesSpud
Paul Owen-LoweJerry
Roy BillingShaddock
Shirley DukeMum Teo
Bruce AllpressDad Teo

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