Mystery Road: characters

Aaron Pedersen as Jay Swan

Outback Indigenous Detective. Caught between two worlds — not trusted by the Aboriginal community nor his police colleagues. Dedicated, focussed and who will never give up, Jay doesn't realise the cost to his own family while he's trying to save everyone else.

Judy Davis as Emma James

Uniformed Senior Sergeant. In charge of the tiny Patterson police station, Emma thinks she knows the town and her place in it, but Jay's arrival will throw everything she knows into question.

Deborah Mailman as Kerry Thompson

Marley's mum and Larry's sister. Kerry has taken refuge in her Christianity as a comfort from the blows that have been dealt her family. But only the truth will really save them.

Wayne Blair as Larry Dime

Marley's uncle. Convicted paedophile and just completed a 10 year stretch. Does he know the real reason his nephew has disappeared?

Colin Friels as Tony Ballantyne

Owner of the cattle station from which the boys disappear. And Emma's brother. The keeper of many family secrets.

Ernie Dingo as Keith Groves

Head of the local Indigenous Corporation, Charismatic, charming, powerful… and possibly dangerous if you cross him.

Anthony Hayes as Ryan Muller

Senior Constable. Thorn in Emma's side. Not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Madeleine Madden as Crystal Swan

Jay's daughter. Crystal is running away from trouble at home… right into danger in the town of Patterson.

Aaron McGrath as Marley Thompson

Missing. On the surface Marley is the local Indigenous footy star. But Marley has a lot of secrets. And one of them could be the reason he's gone.

Tasma Walton as Mary Swan

Jay's ex wife. Mary follows her daughter Crystal to Patterson to bring her home. She still loves Jay and knows him well enough to press his buttons.

Meyne Wyatt as Cedric Thompson

Marley's brother. Angry, defensive, guilty, Cedric knows quite a few secrets about Marley and Shevorne and he is keeping them to himself.

Tasia Zalar as Shevorne Shields

Reese's girlfriend. Works at the local pub. Shevorne has a troubled past. She's keeping Reese's secrets, but Shevorne also has a lot of her own. is Shevorne.

John Waters as Travis James

The Town lawyer, and Emma's ex-husband.