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Episode 1.04
Sun, June 17, 2018
604,000 viewers (9th)
Written by Steven McGregor
Directed by Rachel Perkins

With questions hanging over Marley's return and the whereabouts of Reese, Emma brings him in for a formal interview. Revealing little, Jay and Emma take Marley back to the shed where he was found, and their suspicion only grows. Nothing Marley says adds up with what Jay can see on the ground, and he is visibly shocked when they tell him that Reese is not his real name.

As Jay and Emma go their separate ways, Jay tries to figure out where Marley has really been while Emma confronts Larry. They have a heated conversation that has been brewing for 10 years, but Larry refuses to help solve the mystery. Meanwhile Jay is closing in on the truth. A visit to Shevorne confirms that Marley arrived in town a few days ago and Shevorne has been hiding him. But as long as Shevorne denies everything, he’s got no proof.

Realising that Marley has skipped town with his girlfriend Jaz, Jay Intercepts the bus, and hauls Marley off, taking him to the railway crossing where the blood was found.

Despite strong arming Marley he reveals nothing. While Jay stands at the road he sees a ridge in the distance with a water hole below. He may know where Reese is. Climbing down the cliff face to the waterhole, Jay wades into the water… and finds Reese’s body, with a rifle tied to it. Reese has been shot.

Arrested but refusing to speak, everything points to Marley’s guilt. But Jay doesn’t think it adds up — why would Marley shoot his best friend in the back. Sure that there has to be some other explanation, Jay confronts Emma with his theory. But the wheels of the law are already in motion and Jay needs more than a ‘feeling’… he needs evidence.


  • Aaron Pedersen as Jay Swan
  • Judy Davis as Emma James
  • Deborah Mailman as Kerry Thompson
  • Wayne Blair as Larry Dime
  • Colin Friels as Tony Ballantyne
  • Anthony Hayes as Ryan Muller
  • Tasma Walton as Mary Swan
  • Tasia Zalar as Shevorne Shields
  • Madeleine Madden as Crystal Swan
  • Ernie Dingo as Keith Groves
  • Aaron McGrath as Marley Thompson
  • Kris McQuade as Liz Rutherford
  • Rohan Mirchandaney as David Sharma
  • Connor Van Vuuren as Reese Dale
  • Meyne Wyatt as Cedric Thompson
  • Gordon Churchill as Tipper
  • Will Hopgood as Truckie
  • Teresa Moore as Jaz
  • Desire Smith as Birdfaced Woman
  • Leon Stripp as Jay Driving Double
  • Ali MacGregor as Emma Picture Double