aka Mighty Mustangs (USA)

Produced by Matchbox Pictures

Producers: Amanda Higgs, Rachel Davis
Executive Producers: Debbie Lee, Libbie Doherty and Jan Stradling
Writers: Michael Miller, Kirsty Fisher, Rae Earl, Warren Clarke, Magda Wozniak
Directors: Tori Garrett, Roger Hodgman, Corrie Chen, Fiona Banks
Theme: "Big Bite" by Fallulah

Airing: 2017, 2019 (ABC Me)

A goal-kicking comedy drama about a group of girls who abandon the sidelines and start their football club's first all-girls team. Against the odds, they'll stand united and overcome any challenge the club, the boys, or the opposition can throw at them, all while wrestling with what it means to be a girl today.

Emmanuelle MattanaMarnie
Ashleigh MarshallLiv
Monique HeathLara
Molly BroadstockBella
Gemma Chua TranAnusha
Celine AjobongRuby
Celia PacquolaNarrator
Pia MirandaJen
Jacek KomanDanny
cast photo

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