Mother & Son: episode guide

- Series One (1983) -

Maggie Takes a Holiday

Episode 1.01
January 16, 1984
Written by Geoffrey Atherden

Arthur is despairing at Maggie's increasingly eccentric behaviour and constant memory lapses, but cannot be sure if they are shrewd tactics to keep him at home. He finds himself responding to the urgings of family and friends to put Maggie in a home.

With: Suzanne Roylance as Deirdre Beare, Jane Hardes as Matron, Colleen Clifford as Old Lady

Maggie Gets the Milk

Episode 1.02

Arthur is several hours late for work, and frantic waiting for absent-minded Maggie who just popped out for some milk 3 hours ago. When she returns, Arthur finds out that Maggie has been receiving meals on wheels under false pretences for 6 months. Arthur manages to confuse the situation and next day is assessed by welfare as also a case of definite need for meals on wheels.

With: Lola Brooks as Heather, Cathy Downes as Rosemary

Maggie Alone

Episode 1.03

Maggie arrives home in a garbage truck. Arthur, concerned for her welfare, asks Robert for financial assistance for someone to look after her during the day. Meanwhile, Maggie finds herself in a predicament at the police station. In an effort to smooth over the situation at the police station, Robert finds himself in an equally embarassing predicament.

With: Alan Becher as Policeman, Constance Lansberg as Helen, Warwick Moss as Patient

Arthur vs Ms Right

Episode 4

Arthur, desparate for a break from Maggie, plans a two week holiday with a girlfriend, to exciting Wellington, New Zealand. He keeps it secret from Maggie lest his plans be foiled.

Arthur's Night Out

Episode 1.05

Arthur gets a sitter for Maggie when he wants a night out with his ex-wife, Deirdre. Maggie scares the sitter away and she and Arthur quarrel. He still goes out, but so does Maggie, and she ends up at the same place as Arthur and Deirdre.

With: Suzanne Roylance as Deirdre Beare, Marianne Howard as Lisa

Maggie in Love

Episode 1.06

Arthur is planning a birthday dinner for Maggie and is shocked to discover there will be an additional guest, her boyfriend. The ensuing dinner party is full of surprises.

With: Judy Morris as Liz Beare, Gordon McDougall as Lionel

Maggie Makes a Will

Episode 1.07

Maggie has convinced herself she is dying, and is trying to pursuade a few others, including Arthur who is threatening to move out. Maggie is determined to settle her will and make final arrangements. Hilarious moments arise as Maggie summons everyone to her bedside.

With: Suzanne Roylance as Deirdre Beare, Martin Vaughan as Dr Holloway

- Series Two (1984) -

The Money

Episode 2.01 (8)

Maggie receives a letter from the government suggesting reasons why she hasn't been cashing her pension cheques. She is worried that if the government finds out how much money she has, they'll stop sending her the cheques. Arthur and Robert, who both have an urgent need for cash, think they have the ideal solution to the problem.

With: Peter Collingwood as Bank Manager, Shauna O'Grady as Bank Teller, Constance Lansberg as Helen, Amos Szeps as Sean

The Divorce

Episode 2.02 (9)

Maggie is openly upset that Arthur and Deirdre are getting divorced tomorrow. Why couldn't they have a good marriage like Robert and Liz? Robert's marriage is obviously less than wonderful, but Maggie refuses to see it despite the most damning evidence.

With: Judy Morris as Liz Beare

The Funeral

Episode 2.03 (10)

It seems even Uncle Andrew's funeral is not cause enough to affect Maggie's cheerful good humour. After a little mix-up with the cars and an unscheduled shopping stop along the way, the procession finally reaches the cemetery. And that's when the fun really starts. It could have been a beautiful service, except for those damned oranges. Afterwards, as the family returns to the house, death seems to be on everyone's mind—especially Uncle Tom. But nothing seems to deter Maggie's good mood—even if she's not sure who has died, or whether it's her fault. After all, what's a little poison among family?

With: Judy Morris as Liz Beare, Peter Gwynne as Uncle Tom, John Gaden as Funeral Assistant, Martin Vaughan as Doctor, Peter Whitford as Minister

The Promotion

Episode 2.04 (11)

Arthur is offered a job in Canberra, but what will he do with Maggie? Should he ask Robert to look after her, or should he take her with him to Canberra? Does he really want the job after all?

With: Suzanne Roylance as Deirdre Beare

The Aunt

Episode 2.05 (12)

Arthur plans to give himself a break from Maggie by asking her sister, Lorna, to stay. This will give him time to spend with his new girlfriend. He discovers that trying to out-manipulate Maggie causes more trouble than it is worth.

With: Melissa Jaffer as Lorna, Roslyn Gentle as Wendy

The Card Game

Episode 2.06 (13)

Arthur insists on leading his own life and asks some friends around for cards. Maggie can't play cards, so suggests snakes and ladders instead. It isn't always a good idea to bring friends around to meet your mother, especially when she thinks one of them is a Russian spy.

With: Terry Bader as Igor, Ray Meagher as Geoff, Lance Curtis as Leonard

Morning After

Episode 2.07 (14)

Arthur has begun asserting himself far too strongly since he met his new girlfriend. Maggie considers his morality in question, and decides to leave home and live with Robert, much to Robert's consternation.

With: Roslyn Gentle as Wendy

- Series Three (1985) -

Christmas Drinks

Episode 3.01 (15)
Written by Geoffrey Atherden)

It is Christmas, and Maggie wants to go to church with Arthur to sing carols. Arthur has other plans, and has invited some of his friends to come over for a party. But Maggie has her own way of dealing with such plans, and only one guest arrives, and he wasn't even invited. When Robert and Liz arrive later with presents, Maggie decides that they should join Arthur and herself at the church.

With: Judy Morris as Liz Beare, Paul Bertram as Max

The Sign

Episode 3.02 (16)

Will Maggie ever get to heaven to join her late husband, Leo? Will Arthur lose his mind as well as his wardrobe? Only the new rector seems to gain from Maggie's infuriating saintliness.

With: Tony Barry as Rector, Frank Lloyd as Priest

The Picnic

Episode 3.03 (17)

Liz and Robert have arrived to collect Maggie for a picnic, but she refuses to go unless Arthur joins them. She wants to relive the family picnics of the boys' childhood, but things don't quite work out as planned. After a lot of singing and a little confusion over the location (it looked different 30 years ago), the others refuse to join Maggie in her proposed games or walking. So you could argue that if Arthur, Robert, Liz and the others had been a bit nicer to Maggie, none of it would have happened. But even so, just how can you possibly lose your mother at a picnic?

With: Judy Morris as Liz Beare, Janine O'Brien as Teonie Beare, Kristin Vergia as Damien Beare, Judi Farr as Matron, Dorothy St Heaps as Norma, Queenie Ashton as Elsie, Suzette Williams as Policewoman, Stan Kouros as Park Ranger

The Accident

Episode 3.04 (18)

Maggie didn't really mean to end up at the baby health centre. She was really only looking for a sandwich, but it was all very interesting. And she did get some advice about Arthur's sore foot. Arthur gets some advice too, but chooses to ignore the truth about his situation.

With: Judy Morris as Liz Beare, Penne Hackforth-Jones as Community Medical Officer, Ron Haddrick as Claude, John Ewart as Hospital Worker, Suzanne Hawley as Taxi Driver, Rosalie Fletcher as Young Mother, Lucy Charles as Nursing Sister

The Last Will

Episode 3.05 (19)

There's no doubt Maggie loves Arthur. She's not only going to leave him the most precious thing she owns, but a million dollars as well. Arthur would rather have the house. And that's a pity, because Robert's getting that.

With: Judy Morris as Liz Beare

The Neighbours

Episode 3.06 (20)

Maggie is sure that the woman next door is spying on her. Worse than that, she's foreign and doesn't speak the language. Arthur's attempts to heal the breach aren't too successful, but it's amazing what a universal language a soap opera can be.

With: Nicos Lathouris as Kosta, Sally McKenzie as Senior Constable, Arky Michael as Constable, Stella Stefaniois as Mrs Akon

The Cruise

Episode 3.07 (21)

Why shouldn't Maggie go on a cruise with a man her family doesn't know? Maggie knows him. She just can't remember his name. But she's determined to go away with him — that's her late husband will let her.

With: Ron Haddrick as Claude, Barbara Stephens as Susan

- Series Four (1987) -

The Medals

Episode 4.01 (22)

Keeping Maggie from wandering off and getting lost is becoming more difficult. And the police aren't much help. But why is Maggie wearing her late husband's medals? It isn't Anzac Day, is it? Or is everyone out of step but Maggie?

With: Graham Rouse as Sergeant, Brandon Burke as Constable

The Friend

Episode 4.02 (23)

Everyone knows you can't buy friendship, but Arthur's going to gaive it a go anyway. Maggie obviously needs someone, and, who knows, maybe Wilma will do the ironing as well. Anything's better than living with the friend Maggie found for herself. It's certainly worth a try, providing he can afford it.

With: Anne Phelan as Wilma, Martin Vaughan as Doctor, Joy Hruby as Woman Shopper

The Car

Episode 4.03 (24)

Maggie is pretty sure she had a wonderful time on her honeymoon if she could only remember. And if Arthur won't take her back to Katoomba, she'll go by herself. After Arthur teaches her to drive.

With: Judy Morris as Liz Beare, Robert Baxter as Postman, May Howlett as Neighbour

The Surprise

Episode 4.04 (25)

It's always dangerous to give someone a surprise birthday party, especially someone like Robert, who may have other plans for the evening, that certainly don't include his mother, or his wife.

With: Judy Morris as Liz Beare, Diane Craig as Delores

The Dog

Episode 4.05 (26)

In the middle of a cold and stormy night, Maggie can't sleep so she seeks out Arthur for a bit of company, much to his annoyance. Luckily Robert turns up with a present for his mother — a dog. Maggie decides since Arthur doesn't need her any more, a puppy is just the ticket; that is until Arthur realises she's left the back door open and 'Fluffy' has escaped. Next thing, they're both out searching the streets in the middle of the night with no luck. No matter how hard he tries, Arthur can't seem to convince Maggie it wasn't his fault.

With: Warwick Moss as Fireman, Kirrily Nolan as Boy's Mother, Robert Fraser as Young Boy

The Fridge

Episode 4.06 (27)

It all began when Maggie wrote her memoirs. The fridge needed fixing and Arthur wanted a video recorder. When a mother does something for one of her sons and not the other, it's bound to finish in tears.

With: Ron Blanchard as Emile

The Last Straw

Episode 4.07 (28)

This time he's really doing it. Arthur is leaving home and from now on Robert can look after Maggie. Robert has a solutin that is simple, practical and plain common sence. Even Arthur is convinced, but they both reckoned without Maggie.

With: John Derum as Estate Agent, Gerry Duggan as Senior Citizen

- Series Five (1991) -

The Deed

Episode 5.01 (29)

If Arthur had just left things as they were, he'd be free as last. He shouldn't have broken his holiday and he certainly shouldn't have taken Maggie out of the nursing home, even if it was only for a drive. Once she was back in her own house, the rest was inevitable.

With: Judy Morris as Liz Beare, Jacqueline Kott as Sister, Les Foxcroft as Old Man, Annie Davies as Nurse

The Budgie

Episode 5.02 (30)

It wasn't all Robert's fault. If he hadn't upset his mother, Arthur certainly wouldn't have brought the budgie home, but the ten naked dentists dancing on a golf course at midnight would probably have been arrested anyway.

With: Willie Fennell as Pet Shop Owner, Anna Phillips as Louise

The Big Sleep

Episode 5.03 (31)

Funeral arrangements are always trying, so Maggie decides they should do a few trial runs of Arthur finding her dead in her bed. But then she panics about dying and convinces herself he's trying to get rid of her, before deciding its time to start planning her own funeral and asks Arthur to arrange someone to come by and talk to her. Of course, when the funeral director arrives the next day, she has no recollection of her request and immediately suspects Arthur of trying to get rid of her. But curiosity soon gets the better of Maggie and she is drawn into planning her final goodbye. Little does Arthur know this will lead to him having to excavate his father's ashes in the middle of the night, nor that they'll end up in Maggie's handbag.

With: Rhys McConnochie as Ronald Stanley, Sonia Todd as Policewoman, Tim McKenzie as Policeman

The Clock

Episode 5.04 (32)

All Arthur wanted was a quiet Saturday. But Maggie remembered the clock. It was the one Leo gave her on their 25th wedding anniversary, and it had no business being in the house across the road. She didn't really steal it. It was hers to start with.

With: Judy Morris as Liz Beare, Paula Duncan as Real Estate Agent, Ric Hutton as Mr Powell

The Rest

Episode 5.05 (33)

Arthur had no-one to blame but himself, really. Respite care for Maggie was all his idea in the first place, but he didn't expect Maggie to arrive home at that time of night or in that condition.

With: Joan Sydney as Merle MacDonald, Jennifer Cluff as Carrie Samuels, Grace Parr as Dr Chan, Julie Nihill as Receptionist

The Baby

Episode 5.06 (34)

A baby in the house is the last thing Arthur expects to find when he arrives home from work. Whose baby is it? It's certainly not Maggie's, but it could conceivably be Robert's. Unless, of course, Maggie kidnapped it.

With: Judy Morris as Liz Beare, Odile Le Clezio as Gina, Ton Oliver as Sergeant, Suzette Williams as Constable, Ashley Cameron as Baby

The Sunday Roast

Episode 5.07 (35)

A good old fashioned Sunday roast lunch with the family so Arthur could introduce his new girlfriend probably seemed like a good idea at the time. But Arthur should have known better and he should never have lied to Maggie about Meredith.

With: Judy Morris as Liz Beare, Kirsty Child as Meredith, Don Barker as Butcher

- Series Six (1993) -

The Ride

Episode 6.01 (36)

Robert comes by to take Maggie out for a drive—he's learnt that to look after yourself, the best way is to look after others first—or so he says. Arthur is suspicious but delighted, as it allows him to finally do Maggie's laundry. Half way through the outing, Robert reveals his ulterior motive when he stops off for a quick visit at his new lady friend's house, leaving Maggie in the car. Not surprisingly, when he returns, she's gone. Can Robert woo his new girlfriend, find his mum and stop his wife from finding out what he's been up to?

With: Judy Morris as Liz Beare, Tina Bursill as Carmen, Kiri Paramore as Rob, Kate McDonald as Marija

The Trip

Episode 6.02 (37)

It was a nice thought of Aunty Lorna's to take Maggie on a trip to Britain. Arthur certainly thinks so. He can hardly wait. But when sibling rivalry flares, it looks like Maggie will be staying home after all.

With: Judy Morris as Liz Beare, Melissa Jaffer as Lorna

The Family Feud

Episode 6.03 (38)

Maggie and Lorna are still feuding and Liz has locked Robert out, which explains the caravan in the driveway. Arthur is doing his best to negotiate peace all round but the family conference he calls escalates hostilities to open warfare with him as the common enemy.

With: Judy Morris as Liz Beare, Melissa Jaffer as Lorna

The Caravan

Episode 6.04 (39)

Maggie has no trouble deciding which is her favourite son for the magazine contest but she shouldn't expect Arthur to write a hundred glowing words about Robert. That's why Arthur moved into the caravan, got kidnapped and had to be rescued by Japanese tourists.

With: Stephen Shanahan as Youth, Kaoru Sato as Japanese Tourist, Alan Lovell as Photographer, Christopher Bancroft as Driver

The Lamingtons

Episode 6.05 (40)

Arthur and Robert have both tried to talk her out of it but Maggie is determined to do her civic duty and report for jury service on the same day that she's promised to make 18 dozen lamingtons for charity. It's not Maggie's fault the court is disrupted and it isn't Maggie who stays up all night to do the baking either.

With: Judy Morris as Liz Beare, Betty Lucas as Mavis, Charles 'Bud' Tingwell as Judge, Katrina Foster as Solicitor

The Promise

Episode 6.06 (41)

Arthur didn't want Maggie to know he was having some tests done, it was bloody Robert who told her he was dying. Fortunately, Maggie has a good personal relationship with God and was able to arrange a miracle cure. But at a price.

The Ring Cycle

Episode 6.07 (42)

Arthur should have known better of course. Fancy putting his trust in Robert, particularly in something as important as this. Still, it just might have worked out if Maggie hadn't lost her wedding ring. She'd have been at Robert's when Deirdre arrived.

With: Judy Morris as Liz Beare, Suzanne Roylance as Deirdre