Produced by Wooden Horse

Executive Producers: Jude Troy, Richard Finlayson, Matt Okine, Geoffrey Atherden
ABC Executive Producers: Todd Abbott, Louise Smith
Producer: Jude Troy
Writers: Matt Okine, Sarah Walker, Tristram Baumber
Directors: Neil Sharma, Kriv Stenders

Airing: August 23, 2023... (ABC)

Following a break-up from his long-term girlfriend, Dee, Arthur puts his future on hold to move back with his widowed mother, Maggie. Arthur and older sister Robbie — arguably ’the favourite’ — attempt to care for Maggie who, although she almost burnt down the kitchen, still runs rings around her children. Based on the original series by Geoffrey Atherden. (8x30min)
Denise ScottMaggie
Matt OkineArthur
Angela Nica SullenRobbie
Catherine Văn-DaviesMaya
Andrea DemetriadesDee
Virginia GayLiz
Blaiyze BarksdaleKeelan
Zara TateMelody
Ferdinand HoangTony
Krew BoylanSimone
Jean KittsonHeather
Tiriel MoraDr Wilkins
Jenna OwenRose
Veronica MilsomJasmin
Andrew McFarlaneMr Worstin
Justin AmankwahErnest
cast photo

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