Mortified: cast

Marny Kennedy as Taylor

Marny Kennedy

“I didn’t think it would be this much fun,” says 11 year old Marny. “We all get along very well and I have lots of friends come up to visit. Before I started working on Mortified, I thought I wanted to have a turtle as a pet. But we had to do this scene with a real turtle and I changed my mind. They smell and they scratch! One of my favourite scenes was having a huge screaming session in the back of the car with my on screen sister Layla who is played by Dajana.”

Nicholas Dunn as Hector

Nicholas Dunn

“My character Hector is Taylor’s best friend. I sort of keep her on track, if that’s possible with a character like Taylor,” says 13 year old Nicholas Dunn who plays Hector. “One of the funniest scenes was when Marny had to put on a mermaid costume and pretend to drown. But my favourite scene was when Marny and I had to pretend to sleep overnight in a tent. We ate a lot of pizza and it was great. Oh, and the food on set is great too.”

Dajana Cahill as Layla

Dajana Cahill

“I really like the character I have to play. She has such a dry sense of humour,” says 16 year old Dajana who plays Layla, Taylor’s older sister. “My favourite scenes are when I’m learning to drive. And when I had to dress as a Goth. When I walked on set, no one recognised me and some of the younger kids were actually a bit scared until they realised it was just me.”