Produced by Barron Entertainment Ltd and Steel Stem Poppy Productions

Executive Producer: Paul Barron
Co-Executive Producers: Joan Peters, John Hugginson, Theresa Plummer-Andrews, Kim Dalton
Directors: Brendan Maher, Arnie Custo, Di Drew, Scott Feeney
Producers: Jan Tyrrell
Writer: Mary Morris

Aired: 1998 (Nine)

Keith is the only son of Vin and Marge Shipley. They live above a fish 'n' chips shop in South London and things are tough. Keith's parents are misery gutses and he is convinced that the only way for the family to regain its former happiness is for him to make his parents smile again. Keith embarks on a mission to cheer his parents up. He buys a brilliantly coloured tropical fish from Australia, where the sun shines all the time, the sea is full of fish and coconuts just fall into your hands. When all his efforts to cheer his parents up fail spectacularly, Keith decides he must somehow get his parents to Australia. People couldn't be unhappy in a paradise where fish sparkle like rainbows and it's sunny and warm all the time. Or could they? Based on Morris Gleitzman's books 'Misery Guts', 'Worry Warts', and 'Puppy Fat'.
Paul GilesKeith Shipley
Brooke HarmonTracy
Alan CinisVic Shipley
Rhonda DoyleMarge Shipley
Brett SellwoodDennis
Gandhi MacintyreAli
Jasmine EdwardsRami
Andrew WindsorDougie
Peter MarshallWogga
Malcolm CorkBaz the Cop
John OrscikMr Gambaso
Mark HembrowArnold Flashman
Bruce VenablesCol
David LetchMick
Paul SonkkilaCurly

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