aka The Micallef Programme (series 2) and The Micallef Pogram (series 3)

Producers: Peter Beilby, Doug MacLeod, Gary McCaffrie, Shaun Micallef

Aired: 1998–2001 (23 episodes)

Micallef takes a studio based variety format and adds a zany mix of character-based sketches, interviews with hapless studio guests, and merciless send-ups of TV sitcoms, infotainment programs and politics. Bright and fast paced, Micallef is peppered with rapid fire sketches featuring an army of dubious characters played by Shaun Micallef and his cast of comic sidekicks.
Shaun Micallef
Rosalind Hammond
Francis Greenslade
Wayne Hope
Daina Reid
Jason Geary
Lliam Amor

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