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Just what the doctor ordered

Screentime's medical-legal drama MDA, broadcast on the ABC, is the latest new Australian drama to run the ratings gauntlet to survive into a second series.

Like its counterparts on the commercial networks, MDA's ratings have not been a stellar success, but the ABC announced its survival as part of its 2003 slate, revealed on Wednesday.

As previously reported, The ABC has also greenlit a second series of Kath & Kim. Kath & Kim is one of the country's most successful sitcoms and proved one of the year's highlights for the ABC.

MDA is the second new drama series to survive, following last week's announcement that Network Ten's White Collar Bluewould be back next year.

There is still no word on Nine's Young Lions or Seven's Marshall Law.

Meanwhile, Nine has confirmed a seventh series for Stingers in 2003.

The new series will be 40 episodes and will again be produced in-house at GTV-9's Melbourne studios.

Production will start in mid-December.

By Nick Murphie
Novemebr 27, 2002
Encore Magazine

Screentime announces new producer for 'MDA'

Screentime today announced that Denny Lawrence will produce the second series of its critically-acclaimed drama series MDA in 2003.

Lawrence, one of Australia's most experienced producers, directors and writers for television, was series director of Blue Heelers in 2001 and directed the two series of Something in the Air.

Executive Producer of MDA Des Monaghan said: "Screentime is delighted to again be collaborating with the ABC for a second season of MDA. We are very proud of the program and are looking forward to building on its success next year."

In announcing Denny Lawrence as the new producer for the second series Monaghan paid tribute to Rick Pellizzeri, the producer of series one.

Under head writer Greg Haddrick scripts are currently being written for the second series of 22 one-hour episodes that will go into production in April.

Screentime confirmed it was currently in negotiation with the cast of series two.

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