McLeod's Daughters: telemovie

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McLeod's Daughters

Premiere: 1996 (Nine)
Executive Producer: Andrew Blaxland
Producer: Posie Graeme-Evans
Director: Michael Offer
Writer: Ro Hume

Following the death of her mother, Tess Silverman journeys to Drovers Run, a rural cattle station in South Australia, to reconnect with her only remaining family: her father Jack and sister Claire, whom she has not seen in the 20 years since her mother left Jack and moved to the city, taking a young Tess with her.

Tess arrives into a complex situation and finds herself meeting an adoring father but a hostile sister whom she no longer knows and who resents her sudden arrival and even quicker ability to win over Jack, something she herself has never been able to accomplish.

Tess is content to make her visit a short one and continue on to Venice to move on with her life but the sudden death of her father forces Tess and Claire to overcome their differences and the many obstacles before them to realise their father's dream of running Drovers Run together.


  • Tammy MacIntosh as Claire McLeod
  • Kris McQuade as Meg
  • Mercia Deane-Johns as Rosa
  • Simone Kessell as Jodi Wilcox
  • Maya Stange as Becky Prendergast
  • Robert Mammone as Patrick
  • Kevin Smith as Rod Morgan
  • Kym Wilson as Tess Silverman
  • Jack Thompson as Jack McLeod
  • John Walton as Terry Wilcox
  • Patrick Rees as Noddy Barlow
  • Grant Piro as Steve Creeley
  • Audine Leith as Dottie Prendergast
  • Roger Newcome as Clem Prendergast
  • Denis Noble as Neville Grady
  • Jo Peoples as Freddy
  • Gary Heath as Stockman #1
  • Gary Tielen as Stockman #2
  • Philip Keen as Auctioneer
  • Thomas Penna as Calm Operator
  • Jim Willoughby as Jack Stunt Double
  • Bill Willoughby as Jack Riding Double
  • Jim Willoughby as Jack Riding Double
  • Jenny Heath as Tess Riding Double
  • Caroline Pearce as Claire Riding Double
  • Bernadette Van Gyen as Claire Stunt Double
  • Alan Heath as Rob Riding Double
  • Natalie Sellar as Meg Riding Double
  • Pat Collins as Patrick Riding Double
  • Sare Jane Childs as Rosa Riding Double
  • Jane Netter as Becky Riding Double
  • Christine BaVistock as Jodie Riding Double
  • Jim Willoughby as Noddy Riding Double
  • Johnny Hallyday as Patrick Stunt Double
  • Dean Bennett as Noddy Stunt Double
  • Alan Heath as 2nd Car Stunt Double
  • Chris Jarrett as Jack Driving Double
  • Stephanie Clark as Tess Driving Double
  • Rachel Burfielf as Claire Driving Double
  • Glen Stevens as Dottie Driving Double