Mark Loves Sharon: episode guide

Mark Loves Sharon

Episode 1
Mon, June 30, 2008
791,000 viewers

Australian sporting superstar Mark Wary reveals all as he invites the cameras into his home to shoot a celebrity reality series that shows the private side of this controversial and very public sporting icon

Figuring "if it's good enough for Ozzy Osbourne, Jessica Simpson, Gene Simmons, Paris Hilton, Hulk Hogan and the Beckhams then it's good enough for me", Wary has taken the plunge and allowed this behind-the-scenes and under-the-covers look at the life he shares with his gorgeous but feisty girlfriend Sharon, his two long term (and live-in) mates Sledge and Tomo, and his loyal and long suffering manager Jerry Dabelstein

There's no shortage of tension at Wary's extravagant mansion as Sharon tries to keep Mark's wandering eye in check, Sledge and Tomo riotously live the life of the loyal celebrity entourage, and Jerry tries valiantly to keep the whole Wary gravy train from running off the rails.

Starring: Jason Gann as Mark Wary, Abby Meates as Sharon Metcalf, Dailan Evans as Jerry Dabblestein, Shaun-Angus Hall as Sledge, Tim O'Dwyer as Tomo

With: Brooke Aust as Karen, Saskia Hampele as Beth, Kylie Gulliver as Chrystal, Miranda Meates as Sharon's Friend, Emily Clarke as Sharon's Friend, Melissa Kelly as Sharon's Friend, Juan Chaname as James

Night of Nights

Episode 2
July 07, 2008

Mark and Sharon are preparing to attend a big sports award night when Mark is likely to be challenged for the top prize by up and coming star Robbie Kane

While Sledge and Tomo have their own plans to gatecrash the event, Mark and Sharon have their own issues selecting their outfits and getting to the night of nights unscathed

At the conclusion of the awards the action moves to the after party. All hell breaks loose as the well lubricated Mark finds himself succumbing to the attentions of Robbie's date, Brooke. Meanwhile, Sledge and Tomo are pre-occupied with their own hired dates

The night can only end in shame for Mark.

With: Madeleine Harding as Cleo, Julian Jones as Julio, Nikoloi Nikolaeff as Robbie Kane, Jeff O'Connor as Ian, Sally Whithers as Girl In Car Bingle, Jodie Dorday as Madison, Jess Field as Brooke, Mark Crees as MC, Pip Le Blond as Leneene, Cristina Azucena as Rhonda, Athina Galatsianos as Door Bitch, Saskia Hampele as Beth, Kylie Gulliver as Chrystal, Guy Ingram as Robbie's Mate


Episode 3
July 14, 2008

Mark tries to win Sharon back while a looming drug test takes Jerry's attention.

With: Marisa Warrington as News Reader, Jodie Dorday as Madison, Brooke Aust as Karen, Saskia Hampele as Beth, Kylie Gulliver as Chrystal, Des Dowling as Drug Tester

You Can Pick Your Friends...

Episode 4
July 21, 2008

Mark's shonky father Roy arrives at Wary Mansion with disastrous results.

With: Shane Connor as Roy Wary, Grace Lee as Sung Lee, Nicole Matthews as Mum Terese, Jodie Dorday as Madison, Dave Hendy as Furtive Barry, Tim Lincoln as Sound Recordist, Chris Stevenson as Police Officer 1, Steve Mount as Police Officer 2

Career Crisis

Episode 5
July 28, 2008
292,000 viewers (52nd)

It's Marks birthday and with that comes time for new contract negotiations. When things don't go according to plan on that front Mark is forced to evaluate his career, his life and his relationship with Jerry, especially when he suspects that Jerry may be keen to manage Mark's rival Robbie Kane. A bust-up occurs and in the aftermath Sledge and Tomo take Mark back to his old school to try and remind him where he had come from. That has some unexpected results and Mark hits the bottle and takes desperate measures to win back Jerry.

With: Brooke Aust as Karen, Phil Corser as Headmaster, Pixie Jones as Mrs Dalgety, Kylie Gulliver as Chrystal, Saskia Hampele as Beth, Julian Jones as Julio, Chris Stevenson as Police Officer; Students Asking Questions: Lachlan Charman, Lee Dowsett, Edwin Orellana, Tone Gojani; Classroom Students: Kellie Edward, Emma-leah Martin, Stephanie Axiak, Caitlan Michetti, Laura Demicoli, Adelisa Amon, Brendan Brincat, Lee Dowsett, Pembe Vurdu, Kristina Stojanovska, Angelique Iviiti, Stefani Nikoloski, Thea Risteska; Footy Kids: John Jabbour, Aaron Oldham, Alastair Thomson, Jimmy Arvanitiois

The Wedding

Episode 6
August 04, 2008
306,000 viewers (42nd)

Mark is considering life after sport and Jerry, and has become dangerously dependent on Sharon. Mark's on-field form begins to return and to top it off he decides that the time is right to propose to Sharon. An engagement party is planned and the only thing missing from Mark's life is Jerry. Sledge and Tomo prove to be abject failures as managers and Sharon ensures that Jerry is invited to the engagement party. The party kicks in and all the gang are having a great time, until an uninvited guest arrives...

With: Brooke Aust as Karen, Shane Connor as Roy Wary, et al