Executive Producers: Debbie Dee, Andrew Knight
Executive Producers: Amanda Brotchie, Nicole Minchin, Adam Zwar
Created by: Amanda Brotchie and Adam Zwar
Producer: Nicole Minchin
Directed by: Amanda Brotchie
Written by: Amanda Brotchie & Adam Zwar
Theme: "There She Goes, My Beautiful World" by Nick Cave

Airing: 2010, 2012 (ABC1)

Love-rats, sports cheats, drunken escapades, mob-men, fallen idols and sizzling starlets — celebrity scandal makes great copy. Narrated by Geoffrey Rush, the eight-part comedy series Lowdown shines a spotlight on the life of a man whose job it is to feed the public's insatiable appetite for celebrity gossip; a man who'll risk life and limb to secure every scandalous scoop.
Adam ZwarAlex Burchill
Paul DennyBob Geraghty
Beth BuchananRita Heywood
Dailan EvansDr James
Kym GyngellHoward Evans
Geoffrey RushNarrator