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Claudia’s news role

CLAUDIA Karvan has become a television executive and will oversee the production of a 10-part drama, Love My Way.

The popular actress, who starred in The Secret Life Of Us, The Heartbreak Kid and The Big Steal, has been working behind the scenes on the show for 18 months.

When filming begins tomorrow morning, she will juggle the roles of actor and co-producer.

“I’m pretty opinionated, and I like sticking my nose in everywhere—which is not tolerated if you’re an actor,” Karvan says with a laugh.

“So the offer to co-produce this series was one I didn’t want to miss.

“As an actor, you get nervous before the shoot starts. But I’m not edgy, because I’m involved as actor, creator and producer.

“I feel as though I have my finger in every pie; there are no unknown quantities.”

Karvan will star with Dan Wyllie, Max Cullen and Lynette Curran.

She plays Frankie Paige, a single parent who works as a newspaper illustrator.

Several scenes will be filmed at The Sunday Telegraph office.

“Frankie’s a mother, an artist, a part-time worker, and she doesn’t know if she wants to start another family,” Karvan says.

“There’s something slightly chaotic about her, but she’s very honest and open-minded.”

During the shoot, Karvan’s partner will look after their two-year-old daughter, Audrey.

“If I had her at work, I wouldn’t get a thing done, because she doesn’t shut up and is so inquisitive.

“She could host her own radio program.”

June 20, 2004
The Sunday Times